Friday, March 27, 2015

Fit for a Princess

I shared my excitement about the new Disney Cinderella last week so when I finally got to see it, I just had to dress up! Thanks to an epic Pin Up Girl clothing sale last spring, I had the perfect skirt in my wardrobe already!

So, this skirt is Sleeping Beauty inspired but whatever, it's princess-y and I like it!

I adore navy so I had this great sweater to go with it. I suppose white or black or pink would also go as well but I don't like to be too sweet looking.

Anyways, the movie was quite epic. It told its own story will still remaining true to many of the things we love about the original animated version. No singing though. :(  (I have heard the live action Beauty and the Beast will have singing though!)

The film also had quite a few fabulous actresses including Lily James and Sophie McShera (Rose and Daisy, Downton Abbey), Holliday Grainger (Lucrezia, The Borgias), Helena Bonham Carter (Belatrix, Harry Potter) and Cate Blanchett (Galadriel, Lord of the Rings) to name a few.

I've not loved all of the live action Disney remakes but this one is good in my book! The costuming is also fabulous. It's sort of a mix of vintage, historical and fantasy elements. The evil step mother's costumes, hair and makeup, for example, scream 40s/50s glamor! Oh, so drool worthy!

I did manage to restrain myself enough to leave my tiara at home though!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Closet Clean Out: March

I'm still working on cleaning out my wardrobe to make room for new things and fund my new wardrobe! So here are some more lovelies for sale. If you are interested, please send me an email at Reasonable offers will also be considered.

Early 40s style wool dress sewn from Simplicity 3997 $45
B: 38"
W: 31"
H: Free (50+)

This super cute dress is made from a soft, nonscratchy light weight wool. It features cute details like a bow a the neckline and soft gathers. It's a great example of late 30s/early 40s fashion. Photo above is the best representation of the actual color.

Freddies of Pinewood Pleated Black Jeans $50
H: 44"

These cute Freddies of Pinewood jeans are in gently used condition and are super comfortable.  They feature cute buttoned pockets and zip up the back. Plus they are super comfortable! Photos below have been lightened to show detail.

Teal Plaid Wool 49er Style Jacket $40
B: 45"
W: 45"

This is a cute plaid 49er style jacket by the brand Western Star. The teal color is just fabulous! It's great for you larger sized gals but also looks cute belted on a smaller lady. There are a few scattered moth chews but the piece is still very wearable.

1950s style TV Blouse $20
B: 38"
W: 32"

I made this cute 50s tv print novelty blouse from a vintage pattern before I decided that I didn't like wearing novelty prints. Thankfully, I had enough of this fabric to also make an ironing board cover so I still get to enjoy this print. It features matching green buttons and cuffed sleeves.

1950s Novelty Print Sailor Dress $60
B: 36"
W: 30"
H: Free

This dress is so adorable! It's got the most fabulous sailor collar mixed with a very cute romantic countryside novelty print. I have let out the waist so it's a larger size and given it some TLC. One of the nonfunctional buttons is a bit worse for wear but that does not affect the functionality of the dress at all. There is also one small hole in the skirt of the dress.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Wardrobe Architect: Weeks 5&6

I'm working my way through the Coletterie's Wardrobe Architect project. If you missed the first post, start here.


Weeks 5 and 6 are also quite related, so I'm double dipping again! These two weeks are all about color. I adore color and have never had a fear of wearing colors that look bad on me. Maybe I just don't care or maybe I'm blessed with a great complexion. So my project was mostly about deciding what colors I do want to have in my wardrobe.

Week 5 was about collecting all of the colors that you love to wear. I tried making a fancy graphic like Sarai but I spent a lot of time trying to get just the right shades that all worked together and then wrangle them in photoscape. But I finally gave up and just pinned a bunch of cool color palettes that other people had come up with.

Here are some that I love:

I knew that I wanted my color palette to include yellow, blue, black and white with pops of various colors. So you see those colors featured heavily in these color palettes. Week six was about organizing and focusing your palette. I chose two palettes to be my core palettes for this project.

I love this palette of blues with yellow! This is my inspiration for my core wardrobe. Each season, I plan on adding pop of color to help things feel fresh and new.

For summer, I'm planning on red as my pop of color. I adore this color palette! So fun!

Does your wardrobe have a definite color palette or does it have a rainbow of color?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Vintage Cinderella Style

I am so excited about Disney's new Cinderella! I'm a huge Disney fan and it looks amazing. I couldn't help but dreaming of adding some Cinderella style to my wardrobe!

The first thing Cinderella needs is a great house dress. I adore the practicality of a great 1940s house dress so here are a few to enjoy!

This one is obviously meant for mopping. lol This one looks easy and comfy which is how I like my housework clothes.

I also love the wrap style of this cute dress. And ric rac is always a win!

For all of those dirty chores, Cinderella also needs a great apron.

I love an apron with a bib! Plus the embroidery is so cute!

Extra points for cuteness go to this Wearing History pattern because of the heart shaped pockets.

And, of course, Cinderella has to have something to wear to the ball! Nothing says ball to me like 1950s evening gowns.

I adore this lovely lace dress! The blue lace and white tulle is just perfect for a Cinderella moment.

I also adore this number! The blue bodice with the flowers is so fabulous. And the floaty skirt is just perfect for a princess to be.

Lastly, I just had to include this great blue beaded gown! This is a gown to make an entrance in!

Do you have any Cinderella pieces in your wardrobe?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Fashion and Film: Smash

I've been rewatching one of my favorite shows and I realized that I've never shared it on the blog! Smash includes three of my favorite things-vintage fashion, singing, and shows about show business. It follows the development about a fledgling musical about Marylin Monroe.

Two hopefuls, a glamorous vet Ivy hoping to break out of the ensemble and a sweet hopeful Karen who recently moved to New York to follow her dreams, vie for the leading role of the screen siren Marylin. Writing partners Julia and Tom strive to create the next Broadway hit. Add in a harsh director and a newly divorced producer with something to prove and you've got a great mix!

While the show takes place in modern day, they do these great "flash forwards" where you get to see each of the potential leading ladies as if they were on stage already and not just in rehearsal.

There are great costumes based off of some of Marylin's most iconic looks!

Karen (left) is actually a brunette but it's amazing how much both of these ladies look like Marylin when all done up! 

 Growing up, I did do some musical theater and I loved it! Musicals are my absolute favorite. The music in this show is just amazing.

Aside from the glam Marylin looks, there is also this cute dress Karen wears to an early audition. Plus there are some cute costumes on a lot of the ensemble cast once the show starts dress rehearsals and performances.

If you haven't yet seen this show, I highly recommend checking out both seasons on Amazon Prime.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

On My Sewing Table: March

February was the month of I don't want to sew anything. In my defense, life was pretty crazy so I just decided to take a break from sewing. But now my sewing mojo is back! I had a sewing stay-cation this weekend while my hubby was out of town on a business trip. (He also took all of the cameras with him so you'll have to deal with iPhone photos.) Here's what I was working on.

I finally finished my Wearing History 1930s beach pjs! Now to wear them to the beach.

I also finished the jacket for my 40s suit for the 40s Fashion Calendar project. I'm behind on February's task but at least my suit will be ready!

I also started Sense and Sensibility Pattern's 1940s Swing Dress. I made it way, way back in 2011. It didn't go so well but I've learned a lot since then and this version is going much better.

 I also started working on my Borgia dress! I've done a bit of embroidery and have been playing around with pearling options. And I bought some more pearls finally so I can start putting them on for real.

 I've been pondering Spring/Summer sewing plans (since that's coming up for the Wardrobe Architect project) but haven't made any final plans yet. These are just a few patterns that popped out at me as possibilities.