Monday, May 2, 2016

Time Traveling Fashion Blogger

One of the cool things about being a vintage fashion blogger is that I get to time travel trough the decades looking for fashion inspiration where ever I go! So let's go time travel!


The 1920s is a decade that many vintage loving ladies shy away from but I love this cute lady golfer look!


I just adore my 1930s beach pajamas! They really are quite fabulous for a day sea side!


Nothing says classy quite like the 1940s lady in a matching suit set!


Rock a casual 50s look for a summer bbq (or whenever you wish you were actually at one!)

Friday, April 29, 2016

Bible Journaling Workshop

This past Saturday, I hosted my very first Bible Journaling Workshop with Watermark Christian Store. It was a wonderful morning in the word with 120 ladies (and a few guys too!).

I was so floored by how many people were interested in this event! We sold out over a week in advance and even had to make some last minute changes due to some items not being available in enough quantities for our workshop kits. It's so awesome that so many people were interested in growing deeper in the Word.

We held the event at my church in the cafeteria where the school kids eat lunch. I was very lucky to have help from our awesome production team so that we could stream from my phone's camera directly to several tvs around the room so everyone could see the demos easily.

It was so awesome to get to share my testimony with Bible Journaling! It has totally changed my walk with God and I pray that it touches the hearts of all the ladies who attended in the same way!

We also had a guest demonstrator, Kayla (@kaylas_painted_faith on Instagram) who showed us all how she does her amazing watercolor pages! It was so awesome!

There were a lot of newbie Bible Journalers so I tried to keep it simple with what we talked about. There are so many cool and interesting techniques and styles out there that it is easy to get overwhelmed! My demo was stamping and talking about different kinds of inks you can use for Bible Journaling.

There were also a couple of veteran Bible Journalers in attendance and it was so cool to meet other local ladies who love Bible Journaling!

 This was definitely the largest group I've ever had to speak in front of and it was a bit nerve wracking! But the event was great and aside from the headset mic not working, everything went pretty smoothly.

 For the second half of the workshop, it was time to get journaling! I wanted to include some basic, but impact full techniques so we did acrylic painting with cards, stickers and washi tape!

I did a sample page design that they could follow along with but I was so excited to see that a lot of ladies decided to unlock their own creativity and add their own artistic flare.

We wrapped up the day with a Q&A session where we talked about techniques, favorite supplies and how to get inspired.

 It's been so awesome to see pages from these ladies already popping up on social media! When God opens a door, He opens it wide and pours out His love!

What's up next for Bible Journaling and me? I learned a lot on the video side of things and I'm going to work on getting something set up so I can do some Bible Journaling video tutorials. I'm also working with Women's Ministry at my church to get a Bible Journaling class going for the fall. And who knows, there could even be more workshops in the future!

Are you looking to host a Bible Journaling event at your own church? Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions. My email is on the contact page.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Post-Konmari Sewing Room Tour

My sewing room has gotten quite the reorganization after finishing the hobby Konmari section! I promised you guys that I'd share the finished project with you so here it is!

I was able to get a lot more empty space in the main area since I got rid of one organizer and put the other one in the closet. It's so nice to have all of that extra space for cutting out fabric now! I also was relocated my table so I can enjoy the nice view while I create! Plus I finally got some art out even if it's not on the wall yet. (And one piece needs new glass....)

If you missed the before tour, here it is also!

Monday, April 25, 2016

1920s Fashion Inspiration

I'm still feeling 1920s for my summer wardrobe so I thought I'd share some snaps of ladies looking fabulous! I'm still waiting for my hair to grow out all over to a length where I can get a 20s bob again. but I'm almost there! I really like looking a photos of people as opposed to glamor shots, fashion plates or catalogue illustrations because it gives you a much better idea of how the clothes actually look on a person as opposed to a drawing.

I love the simplicity of this look! She's wearing a solid colored dress with a bow accent and (most likely) matching shoes. And don't you just love her cute fluffy hair!

These two ladies are wearing very similar dresses but differences really highlight the best way to wear 20s for different figures. The lady on the right has the ideal 20s thin shape. Her dress skims over her chest, goes straight down to a waist line at her widest point and then straight down again from there. Her companion on the left, however, shows signs of a much curvier figure. She's chosen to belt her dress a bit higher than is likely fashionable at the time. It's not at the widest part of her but rather a bit higher to give her upper body a slimmer appearance. She's also got a bit more fullness in the skirt to accommodate larger hips.

First off, I love her expression! She's got that dreamily staring off into the distance look down. Her hat looks amazing. I think it probably has some cool architectural stuff going on at the sides because you can see some folds going off to the side. And she's rocking a cute lady tie!

These gals look like they are having such a blast! I love that the outer two are wearing separates. None of these ensembles really look like outdoorsy type outfits but it does look like they are somewhere beautiful! And get a look at their fabulous shoes!!!

This lady stuck out to me because it looks like she's in a classic blogger outfit photo pose (including the shadow of an obliging photographer at the bottom!).

Have you started thinking about your summer wardrobe yet?

Friday, April 22, 2016

Acrylic Stamps 101 : for Bible Journaling

I just love using acrylic stamps in my Journaling Bible! They are perfect for someone like me who isn't big on drawing or doing hand lettering. I'm going to share with you the very basics for using these cute acrylic stamps.

You'll need a set of acrylic stamps, a clear acrylic stamping block and some ink. For more info on which inks are best for bible journaling, check out my post Which Inks for Bible Journaling.

Acrylic stamps come on a thin sheet of plastic. To use them, peel the stamp off of the plastic and stick it flat side down on the stamp block. Since both the stamp and block are clear, you can easily position the stamp where you want it on the page.

If you use a stamp a lot, it may loose it's cling and fall off of the block. Just wash with mild soap and water to restore the cling factor.

Next, ink up your stamp on your stamp pad. Make sure you get good ink coverage. If you get any ink on the block, wipe it off with a paper towel or tissue before stamping to avoid getting ink where you don't want it.

Brand new stamps often stamp better if you do a bit of conditioning first. Do a few practice stamps on a scrap piece of paper, stamping a couple of times before reinking.

Stamping in a Journaling Bible provides it's own set of difficulties. To build a nice stamping surface anywhere in my bible, I layer my Illustrated Faith Bible mat under a thin piece of cushy packaging and put both pieces under my page. This keeps a nice flat surface no matter what might be journaled on pages beneath the one you are working on. And in the case of bleed through, it won't make it through all of these layers to the pages underneath.

Stamp firmly on your paper. Be committed when you go to stamp. Moving the stamp around while you're stamping will cause the image to smear and smudge. Then lift off cleanly.

Then enjoy your beautifully stamped image. To clean your stamp, you can use a commercial stamp cleaner or use a baby wipe or damp paper towel.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Work Wear

Spring always puts me in the mood to wear florals! And even though I prefer solids to prints, I do have the most fabulous giant rose print and polkadot skirt for when a floral mood strikes.

About a month ago, I started a new (full time) job and I've been getting used to the new schedule and dress code. It seems like every time I feel like I'm just getting my wardrobe settled, something happens to change my wardrobe needs.

A lot of ladies are afraid to start wearing vintage because they don't know how to wear it to work. Sometimes it takes a bit of creativity but there's usually a way to add some vintage flair to your work wardrobe.

My new office's official dress code is business casual but in my area it's even more casual. Lots of people just do jeans and a polo. This is an example of my work wear.

A nice blouse and skirt combo is a winner for many dress codes. I also love adding my pearls for that extra bit of class.

Accessories are a fun way to express your style at work as well. While the brooch isn't exactly a popular accessory today, they are fun and qwirky. Starting small can help build your confidence wearing vintage at work.

I enjoy wearing crinolines with my full skirts but I leave my really huge ones for weekend wear. Big ones can be a bit impractical for work especially if you have a desk job and will have to sit on it all day!

Personally, I don't have an issue being the person in the office with a qwirky retro style. Some days I opt to wear jeans like everyone else but I really prefer skirts.

And why be boring when you can be fun? I'm in so much better of a mood at work when I'm put together and dressed like myself.

I adore cute shoes! I don't buy or keep shoes that aren't comfortable so my feet can be happy all day too. Flats are my friends in that respect but I also love a good wedge or low heel.

Hair is another fun way to add a bit of retro to your work wear especially if you have a uniform or other strict dress code restrictions. My hair is still a bit short for that at the moment though.

But that's ok since I can still twirl in a twirly skirt!

 What are your favorite ways to wear vintage at work?

Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring is blooming

Ahh! Spring is rolling out in so much of the country bringing budding flowers. Ladies everywhere are shedding their winter wardrobe layers. I've been in loving 1950s styles lately so I thought I'd share some 1950s spring fashions to inspire your transitional wardrobes.

The return of spring always brings with it a new color palette. I always love getting to have color again! White and pink are both excellent shades for spring.

Longer gloves are an excellent accessory to help you bring out your lighter dresses a bit earlier. That extra layer will add warmth during the chilly days of spring when it's still a bit too soon for short sleeved frocks.

Full skirts are so dreamy for walking through fields of wild flowers. Spring always makes me enjoy nature all that more.

Try a crisp shirtwaist dress for a cute tailored look. They are so comfy but are so classy! Try solids, narrow stripes and cute checks.

Spring is also a great time to bring out your favorite accessories! I'm much less motivated to wear my cute accessories all winter when they will be hidden under sweaters and jackets. Let those beauties shine after their winter hibernation.

What are you looking forward to in your spring wardrobe?