Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Today I tried out a new hair do! First go at fingerwaves. Yay!

My heavy side of my part came out a bit more like a Marcel wave rather than a fingerwave but it did stay in all day.

See-super wavey! It did flatten out to more of a 30s look by the end of the day. And I usually make my hair curlier than I want since it tends to flatten a lot during the day. Plus I had goggles on at work!

The back was kind of ehhh. I think I need to try a different setting pattern. The sides were pincurled in alternating rows (ie cw, ccw, cw, etc.) and the back I curled under with sponge rollers since it was too short.

My makeup is from Lauren Rennells vintage makeup book. Epp! My eyebrows look red. All of the eyebrow pencils I've been able to find are reddish brown. :(

Youtube: Thrifting Finds #1

I finally got around to making another youtube video. I had some technical difficulties this summer, including losing part of my tripod, but I'm back in business now!

Enjoy my latest thrifting finds!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fashion and film: Lovely to Look At

Today I caught "Lovely to Look At" (1952). It was a really nice film and it has a Parisian fashion show. Who doesn't adore a film with a Parisian fashion show? It stars Kathryn Grayson (Stephanie) and Marge Champion (Clarisse) as heiresses of a Parisian dress shop that is on the verge of bankruptcy. Co-heir Al (Red Skelton) and pals Tony (Howard Keel) and Jerry (Gower Champion) are film producers and they help scare up some funding for a fashion show. As per usual, romance ensues, but what happens when there are 3 girls and 2 boys? To add to the tension Al's girl friend Bubbles (Ann Miller) arrives from NYC. I'm a fan of Kathryn, Red and Ann so this was a real treat.

Our three leading ladies.

Yummy evening gown.

I loved this little cape!

More fancy ensembles. Purple sparkles!

And the fashion show:

There really were tons and tons of fabulous evening ensembles in this film! If you love evening wear, this is a must see!

Giveaway Alert!

Check out Debi's awesome Ness giveaway!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blogger get together

If you haven't heard about the awesome blogger meet up in NYC go check it out here and here. Go, have heaps of fun and post lots of pictures so I can pretend that I was there.

I thought I'd see if any of you would like meet up at the Ohio Renaissance Festival (since that's a bit closer to home). I'm going to be there Monday September 5 and Saturday September 17. I might squeeze in another weekend in October if I can manage it. Do email me at girlwiththestarspangledheart[at]gmail[dot]com if you'd like to meet up!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sorbetto and Sports

Today my husband and I went on a mini-golf date! It was so much fun! We don't usually do anything more exciting than dinner or a movie but I'm thinking we really need to now!

I wore this cute new shirt from Colette Pattern's free Sorbetto pattern.

Fabric: 1.5 yds of garment weight cotton ($4/yd)
Pattern: Colette Pattern's Sorbetto + sleeves from some random Simplicity blouse pattern
Year: contemporary
Notions: bias tape ($2), elastic (from stash), rick rack (from stash)
Time to complete: 2 hours
First worn: August 2011
Wear again? Yes! This was a really great pattern. (And my husband actually likes this print! Woot!) It wouldn't have taken nearly as long to finish if I had actually planned out what I was going to do and not sat around and thought about it while sewing. It is a bit boxy. Like the Pendrell, I made the waist to my bust measurement, but with this pattern I also added a bit of elastic to the back so the blousiness in the back looks intentional and not awkward.

Total cost: $8

(Wow! I haven't made a garment since July! Ren fest dress + secret project for church = time suckers!)

Top: me made
Skirt: Banana Republic
Hair flower: Belle Blossoms BOM for August
Belt: New York and Company

Classic awkward me pose. I always stand awkwardly and do weird things with my feet.

I love this hair flower! The color is a lovely pale orange and dark pink!


A photo where I actually thought about my pose.

Tallying score! I lost.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Circle skirt inspiration

I'm joining in Casey of Elegant Musings for a circle skirt sew along. I love the pattern that she already has a tutorial for but she's going to show us how to draft our own pattern this go around. My first two circle skirts were simple fabric showcase pieces so I really want to take this chance to have fun and try new things. I'm definitely planning on pockets and I may have a go at a boned, shaped waist band too. (Since I have yards of boning left over from my corset!)

I'm sure Casey will have oodles of great inspirational photos, but I can't resist sharing some of my own!While circle skirts are fun to dance in.... the 1950s, they were often far classier than the ubiquitous poodle shirts you see at 50s parties.

You can go kitsch if you want. What's cuter if than trains?

Use a boarder print, add a ruffle or an overlay.

This pocket is amazing! Make your own purse pattern or up-cycle a damaged vintage one.

If you're artsy and ambitious, paint a design on your fabric.

Or go for embroidery or appliques.

This tutorial is a great way to feature a fun fabric.

And consider a petticoat (or two or three) for a super voluminous look.

Are you joining in? Do also check out the amazing 50s diy ideas from Casey's original circle skirt tutorial.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nerd Stuff

Life's been pretty crazy around here. There's been a lot of stuff going on that needed to happen before school started today. Hopefully, things will get back to a regular schedule and that means blogging too. As some of you know, I am a graduate student studying chemistry so I thought I'd share some pictures of scientists from back in the day.

Lab coats are still in use today, but mine is much cuter. It's a Gray's Anatomy brand.

The large glass jar in this picture is used to store chemicals that need to stay dry. It's called a desiccator.

This gal is styling in a lab full of synthesis equipment. Too bad I can't get away with dressing like this! Pants and flat shoes are a must!

While this suit looks like it would fit right into a scifi movie, many medical laboratories such as the CDC wear full body suits to prevent them from catching the diseases they study.

Hope you have enjoyed this nerd moment!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Two Sides of Lady Sybil

The Two Sides of Lady Sybil

The Two Sides of Lady Sybil by starspangledheart featuring graphic tee shirts

Today, I tackled styling a modern day Lady Sybil. She was a bit difficult as she's still a naive young lady but she also is fiercely independent and opinionated. So I created two looks for her-one is a more demure, classy look for when she is "behaving" and the other is a more edgy look designed to bring just as much disapproval to modern straight-laced parents as she brought to her parents with her harem pants dress!

Monday, August 22, 2011

21st Century Lady Mary

21st Century Lady Mary

21st Century Lady Mary by starspangledheart featuring a shrug cardigan

I was feeling like I needed some fashion rejuvenation from the ready to wear world so I popped on to polyvore and whipped up this cute look inspired by Lady Mary from Downton Abbey. I tried picking out things I think she'd wear if she were shopping today. Although, when I was making it about a half inch or so off the top and bottom wasn't there and it looked so much better cropped like that. (But you get the idea.)

And I'm going to the mall tomorrow and actually going to allow myself to buy new rtw which is going to be awesome! :)

P.S. Does anyone know if you can clip patterns and fabric to polyvore?!?! Because that would be awesome! Or maybe I'll just have to finally let my husband teach me photoshop.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gettin' knitty!

Soon, I'll embark on an adventure into the wonderful world of knitting with the Newbie and the Knitter knit along. So, I thought I'd ask around and see if any of you knit and had any blog/post/youtube video/book suggestions for a beginner knitter. (Or anything else you could think of that I might like to know!) I spied this cute vampire themed book on amazon earlier today, which looks like it could be fun since I do enjoy Twilight! A trip to the book store may be in order, since these things are so much easier to evaluate in person!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall Fabrics

So let's look at my current fall fabric selections!

Yummy grey and black houndstooth for the 1940s style suit.

A black, grey and blue wool blend for the 1950s style jumper.

And the brown twill for my circle skirt which I think I finally decided upon an embellishment for. I picked the easier (and coincidentally more period) option. Guess you'll have to wait and see what it is. The twill didn't photograph well on it's own, but this shot with my new scrapbooking paper turned out ok. I'm actually currently scrapbooking all of my me made pieces with some awesome 50s style paper.

And my latest Renaissance dress shopping haul. The clear plastic tubing is for the hoop skirt. The guy at Home Depot was a bit flustered when I told him I was going to use this for a dress. I also picked up some great glass pearls (not at Home Depot. lol) and some wire cutters. I'm so excited because my dress is almost to the wearable stage and then I can focus on the details and not stress because at least I'll have something to wear. For those of you in Ohio, I'm planning on going to the Ren Fest on pirates weekend so do stop me and say hi if you are there too. I'll be the one in the red dress. ;)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More fall sewing musings

My brain is into full fall sewing mode! The weather has been very fall like the last week and a half (which is rather odd for this time of year here, but I'm not complaining!) I've done a bit of shopping and a lot of planning as I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel for my Renaissance dress. Here are some of my fashion musings for the up coming season.

First up, suits!

I'm planning on making up the retro Simplicity pattern in the center, although I may forgo the pants in favor of another pattern that I already know fits. I've already picked up some lovely warm grey houndstooth for this.

A circle skirt is definitely on my to sew list as the lovely Casey, pictured bottom left, is hosting a sew along. I also picked up some lovely brown twill for this project for $5/yd on clearance at Jo-Anns.

I'm also planning on whipping up a 1950s style jumper in a lovely grey wool blend. I just have to decide the best way to prewash it as it is dry clean only, but I'd really rather avoid dry cleaning it.

Those are all of the bits that are for sure but here are some other things that inspire me. I had originally planned on a completely 1930s inspired fall sewing plan but now I've got 1910s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s in the mix plus my first knit along!

What has inspired your fall sewing and wardrobe? Are you ready for fall or are you still clinging on to summer?

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Designer

I just adored the 1914 "The Designer" magazine cover reprint so much that I thought I'd scour the net for some other images from this lovely magazine and I found a few!

The next two are pages from inside the magazine!

All images are from 19-teens issues!

I also found this lovely website where you can browse the results of a dress maker's research-including undergarments, dresses, outer wear and even hats! Just click on the research link and then dress to find loads of great dresses from old magazines. The bulk of the dresses are from the 1910s and 1920s.