Monday, November 8, 2010

Fashion and Film: Hairspray

I love musicals! Hairspray is a great one with fab vintage fashions. Normally, I'm not much of a fan of 60s styles, but the early 60s looks in this film are great!

Hairspray is the story of Tracy Turnblad, a teenage Baltimore gal living in 1962. She's a big girl with big dreams-catching the eye of local hottie Link and making it on to the Corny Collins Show with the most popular kids in town. Tracy runs into all sorts of social prejudices against people who are different and takes on a new dream-making a difference. Will she succeed in any of her dreams with so many people against her?

I like this film a lot. The music is great. There are a lot of big name actors and actresses in this film, including John Travolta as Tracy's mom Edna. Christopher Walkin plays her dad and the two are great opposite each other. I could go on and on about this film, but here's some fashion for you.

The cast of the Corny Collins show. I love all of the dress the girls wear! I just adore how sharp all the guys and gals look at school! And crinolines galore!

Some girls behind the scenes of the Corny Collins show.

Breaking it down in detention!

All glammed up for the Miss Teenage Hairspray competition.

Michelle Pfeiffer looking hot!

Glamor + cat = fabulousness
The nicest kids in town

A look inspired by the kids on the Corny Collins show.Hey Mama, welcome to the 60s.

Hey Mama, welcome to the 60s. by Stephanie Lynn featuring a black handbag

A look based on Tracy's glam look from the end of the show.

Here's my 60's inspired hair do.
My hair's not great for getting height, though it was, in fact, higher than it looks in this picture.

The back looked kind of messy with all of the bobby pins so I hid it with my Belle Blossom magnolia.

French twist in the back!


  1. THanks for reading through my entry! My husband wants to get wedding band tattoos too. That's great that your pastor and his wife have them!
    I'm sorry that you fear needles. I promise it feels nothing like a shot though. More like a bunch of bee stings at once hahahaha.
    I really like early 60s styles. .

    Your hair looks so cute in these pictures!

  2. You've received an award on my blog :)