Back in January 2015, I made my motto for the year "Less is More". Little did I know that I would discover minimalism and some awesome minimalist challenges in 2015! On this page, I've linked my posts in this category so you can follow along!

Project 333

Project 333 is a wardrobe challenge where you select 33 items of clothing and accessories and wear only these items for 3 months. I've had such a blast doing this! It was my first taste of minimalism and really sparked a desire for minimalism in other areas of my life.

My Konmari Journey

Konmari is a tidying method invented by Mari Kondo. She describes this method in The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I'm currently vlogging through this process category by category. In this method, I only keep things that spark joy. At the end, I'll have removed the excess and only have items in my home that bring me joy.

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