Thursday, May 5, 2011

Decoding the Audrey Pixie Cut

I'm bored with my hair (again) and all of those lovely Audrey pictures yesterday had me longing for a short hair cut. I've toyed with getting an Audrey pixie cut before, but I've never gone that short! Eeep! (Plus the hubby is not terribly excited about short hair...) But I think I'm finally ready to take the plunge. I've been thinking about it pretty much nonstop since yesterday, and the more I think about it, the more I like it. So today I scoured the web for good pictures of her pixie cut to bring to the salon.

Which is how I discovered that she has two distinct pixie cuts-one kind in Roman Holiday and a different kind in Sabrina. And I just so happened to have both films so Audrey Hepburn movie mini marathon happened today! (Although currently, I'm rocking the 90s with Sabrina the Teenage Witch.)

And here's the pixie cut break down.

Roman Holiday curly cut

It's a short layered cut with bangs. In some shots, the sides seem to be pulled back some, so the front of the cut may be longer than it appears. I have a sneaking suspicion that unstyled, this cut would look like one of the really short versions of the Middy. It has the characteristic flat crown with curly bottom of many 1940s styles. I'm guessing that it was styled with a small barrel curling iron as pincurling hair that short can be hard. (Plus curling irons are great for between take touch ups.)

I really like this cut. It's grown up in a youthful way. Sort of an eighteen-year-old's first grown up hair cut kind of way.

Suave Sabrina Paris Haircut

The transformational haircut Audrey receives in Sabrina is straight and much shorter! (All of those curls would really lengthen out when straight.)

Audrey also wore this cut outside of Sabrina, and it's not hard to see why! It screams sophisticated woman. This cut has bangs just like the Roman Holiday cut. The back is much shorter. It has lots of layers and reminds me of the back of my last really short hair cut. It's parted on the side and the front actually has some length to it. She wears it sleeked back and held with bobby pins. (Very cleverly hidden ones! You can see a lot when you're right up next to the tv.)

Quite a bit with this shorter version, she wears her bangs parted with the bangs on the light side of the part curling the opposite direction.

I'm really leaning towards the super short Sabrina cut! I think I'd love it! I miss my short hair! Do you think I could pull it off?


  1. You could! I really like the first pic of Audrey you have. I wish i was as daring : )

  2. I adore Audrey. She is my role model and I look up to her for both fashion AND life advice :) She is one of the many reasons why I got a pixie again after having one and hating it. I studied pictures of her Sabrina hair style and perfected the short hair on myself. Now I love it! I also got a cut inspired by her hair in Roman Holiday several years ago. She is my number one fashion muse. I love your blog and I highly enjoyed reading this post.