Monday, May 16, 2011

Reality Check

When I first started wearing vintage, I thought I'd be liberated from the pressure to look a certain way, but that wasn't the case.

I'd just put myself in another limiting box.

Vintage fits some people perfectly. But that's not me.

I like vintage.

I also like crazy patterns, sewing my own clothes, and shopping at Banana Republic, Charming Charlies and White House Black Market.

Although it's mostly browsing at that last one.

So I chopped off my hair. And I like it like this.

Good bye pin curls. When I get bored of short hair, I'll grow it out and come back to you.

And vintage, I still love you and we're still friends, but I refuse to feel bad for hanging out with other styles anymore.

So this is officially no longer just a vintage blog. It's a me blog, whatever that is. There will be sewing and crafting and fashion and vintage and outfit posts and whatever else I feel inspired to share with you.

And yes, I slouch.


  1. Cute haircut and I am glad I found your blog. I like vintage too but like you have freed myself to wear what makes me happy.

  2. That haircut is adorable on you!

  3. Your haircut looks amazing! You look sooooo cute :)

  4. you look so adorable in all those pictures. I appreciate that you are branching out:D

  5. I find vintage hairstyles actually easier with shorter hair :) either way, you look adorable! And who doesn't love Banana Republic?!

  6. I agree! Lately I find myself browsing tank tops and jeans! I love your hair, very very Audrey! xoxo

  7. You be you girl! Evolution is what life is about. I for one am excited to see what you have up your sleeve next...I usually walk away with some type of inspiration from your projects (vintage or not).

    PS: the new hair looks great on you! :D

  8. Great post! Your hair is beautiful.

  9. This is such a fantastic post--and touches on something I think many of us in the "vintage community" have been going through lately. As much fun as vintage style and the large community is, it can be just like any other group/clique and come with the same pressures. I too have been spending more time this year exploring the other areas of style and aesthetics that I admire, but don't always fall into the "mid-century vintage look" perameters. Some days I go back to the 40s (yesterday I was rocking a full-on 40s look! ;), and other days I can swerve more Edwardian/Hippie or what I like to call "artsy Casey", which is a mish-mash of modern and vintage. I think life gets too dull when you confine yourself to a narrow set of rules--especially when it comes to something *fun* like fashion and personal style! I love your new haircut, and think you look so pretty sporting it! :) Bravo for doing what *you* think is beautiful! :)

    ♥ Casey

  10. Hi. First of all, let me say that your new haircut looks great.
    It´s the first time I visit your blog, and I became a fan. I too love vintage, but I don´t know if would look good on me. You see, I´m the kind of girl that loves to see cute dresses on other girls, but certainly would feel awkward wearing one. This because I don´t like my body very much, and because daily I wear jeans and tennis shoes. Oh, but when I see vintage dresses and shoes, ohh, I drool myself... LOL. Your post is so true... :)


  11. Oh I love your new hair cut! I love that you are being you! This post is so encouraging to me because I am trying to find my hair style without the pressure of vintage blogging! thank you for being awesome, encouraging and YOU!