Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sew Weekly: Hat Trick

I participated in this past week's Sew Weekly challenge to make an outfit to go with a hat. I love hats so this was super fun! I used Simplicity 2549, which another participant happened to use too!

Love it! It was too rainy to take pictures outside, but everything looks nice in sepia.

The fabric I used was just darling! It turned out super cute.

This photo is best representative of the colors. Very springy!

I did a rough tissue fit and made some changes to the top. Empire waist dresses and blouses tend to only add fabric horizontally and not vertically when going up in bust size. I did not want the waist band across my girls! Everything turned out ok, even the adjustments to the facings! Woot! I didn't have time for a muslin. The only thing I need to change is take in the back. It's pretty loose. But since there is a center back zipper, it's an easy fix. I also remembered to add pockets! This is definitely going to be one of my favorite dresses.

While this is a modern pattern, it looks suspiciously like this dress soon to be in the Fab Gabs etsy shop. Empire waist, check. Waist band with bow, check. Faux wrap style top, check. Four pleats in the front, check. The sleeves are quite a bit poofier than the vintage dress, but that's an easy fix.


  1. that dress looks beautiful on you! I love how bright and cheery the fabric is

  2. SEW CUTE! (so/sew hehe sorry for the bad pun, I'm kinda sleepy) I think I may just have to pick up this pattern. Keep up the posts, they are of great enjoyment for me!

  3. The best part is the bow detail, I love that!! <3

  4. I love the softness of the colors in this dress and the detailed pattern design in it! you look beautiful!