Thursday, May 19, 2011

Step 1: Identify the Gaps

A Vintage Girl is hosting a Closing the Gaps Project. Everybody has those pieces languishing in the closet that they love but never have anything to wear with. This project is all about identifying those gaps in your wardrobe and filling them!


I've opted for the longer challenge and went through my closet today and picked out some lonely garments to make matches for. I've been doing regular closet clean outs since the beginning of the year, so I already pretty much knew where the gaps were. (I am also going to try and refashion some dresses I don't wear anymore, but that's another story.)


I've had this skirt for a while and I love it. I actually have two shirts that I wear with this, but they are empire waisted shirts and don't really fit properly.... plus they are kind of low cut.


I have also worn this skirt before, but again with a shirt that doesn't really fit. So I'm planning on replacing it with either a brown or white top. I'm thinking of using the Pendrell blouse to match up both of these skirts.


I wear this top with jeans sometimes, but I really want to make a skirt to go with it. I have issues with this shirt because its a print but black and white. The only solid color skirts I have are grey and black. I'm planning on making a Beignet skirt (or two) in a solid color. I was thinking red or teal would be really nice and fit pretty well into the rest of my wardrobe.


I found this vintage shirt while thrifting and am not sure what to wear it with. Any thoughts? I was thinking cigarette pants would look super cute, but I cannot wear cigarette pants. So, I guess that leaves a skirt of some kind.

I'm planning on sprinkling these projects in between the rest of my sewing projects this summer.

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