Friday, March 30, 2012

50s Casual

 Today I rocked the 50s casual look for class/hanging around the house.

Top: me made
Jeans: Lee @ Kohls
Scarft: thrifted

I'm super excited about these jeans. My old pair of modern jeans were on their last leg so I found this pair at Kohls. I wasn't particularly looking for a high waisted pair since they usually fit terribly but I slid this pair on and they fit great! Untucked, they look very modern and tucked the look a bit 50s especially when I roll up the legs to capri length.

I love my 50s back button blouse! I need like 5 or 6 more in my wardrobe!

I wasn't too bright last night and didn't set my hair thinking I could do it today. Normally that wouldn't be a problem but I'm running low on bobby pins (seriously, do they grow legs and walk away??) and had to do mostly sponge rollers. After quite a bit of finagling, I got them all up under this cute vintage scarf.

I have a feeling that this simple look will be a summer staple!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fashion and Flim: Sabrina and Sabrina

One of my favorite movies of all times is Sabrina. I adore both the 1954 version starring Audrey Hepburn and the 1995 version starring Julia Ormond. Each has bits that I like better than the same bit in the other version and  I never can decide which one I like better so I just love them both. I had planned on doing a comparison type post but, alas, photos from the 1995 version are scarce so it's more of a hodge podge than anything else today.

Ah, cooking school in France! Juila works in Paris in the fashion industry, which makes her transformation a bit more logical but who would just absorb fashion and poise living in Paris!

 Post-Paris in a sharp 90s suit and hat!

Post-Paris in a great black suit and hat and puppy! I want Audrey's  hat so bad!

I love Audrey's boating outfit! She so great because she can rock a plaid button up shirt and shorts just as easily as the ballgown of your day dreams.

I'll take these earrings too!

One thing I dislike about the 1954 version is that it's in black and white and I so want to know what color all of the costumes are in! I was super excited to stumble upon the boating outfit in color!

Julia rocking another suit. And Harrison Ford-yummy! I love him so much more as Linus than Humphrey Bogart (especially after I learned that Bogart did not like Hepburn.).

And one can't talk about Sabrina without this dress! Divine! Casey of Elegant Musings made a blue and black version of this dress and it's gorgeous!

I never can decide if I like this hat or not. Oh, to see it in real life!

I love Julia's short, curly do!

Hepburn and Bogart backstage. I love candid shots. I made a version of this dress.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vintage and Knitting

I finished another knitting project from A Stitch in Time Vol. 2! I decided to go with something a bit more simple this time around and knitted a beret! I wasn't exactly thinking about what I could wear this with when I picked out my color of yarn but it happens to go great with this vintage dress.

This dress is something I haven't been able to fit into for a while but I put it on this week and it makes me feel amazing! No supportive undergarments needed.


I just pinned the beret onto my curled and brushed out hair and it looks super cute.


This pattern called for the hat to be knitted flat and then sewn up the back. My back seam was really ugly but the bow covers it nicely.


It was quite simple to knit up. Just knit stitches and the decreases made a lovely swirl pattern on the top.

And can I just say that it is really hard to photograph the back/top of your own head!

I hope the weather cools off so I can wear this beret again before summer hits. (It's knit out of wool.)

My computer has been acting really weird the last couple of days and I think it may be on it's last leg. I'm going to try and use it as long as it will last but if I disappear for many days, it probably kicked the bucket. I get facebook on my iPhone so feel free and pop over to my facebook page to stay up with all things Girl with the Star-Spangled Heart.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sunshine and Hair Cuts

My computer was acting up this morning but I did get it working finally so today's youtube video could come up! Woohoo! This tutorial is on faking a middy haircut if you don't have one. I'm planning on getting a middy in the not to distant future so I definitely wanted to get this video done before then.

I've also been awarded the Sunshine Award by Mommy en France who blogs over at Two Little Cabbages & cie. Thanks dear!

And here are the questions that go along with the award.

 Favorite color: Generally, I like green. Right now I'm loving mint, coral, teal and Tangerine Tango. Really depends on my mood though.

Favorite animal: Cats! 

Favorite number: not sure I have one

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Diet cherry soda (It's really abut all I drink aside from water.)

Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. I don't even have a twitter account!

My passion: I have many-vintage, fashion, reading, writing, sewing. I tend to be very opinionated about things and either love it or hate it.

Getting or giving presents: I like giving presents if they are good presents. Giving people generic type presents is no fun and it usually means you don't know them very well and (at least for me) doing it out of social obligation rather than because you really want to. My husband is hard to buy presents for so I always get excited when I find him something nice!

Not going to lie though, I like getting stuff too. ;)

Favorite pattern: Anything by Wearing History and also the circle skirt pattern available from Casey's Elegant Musings

Favorite day of the week: Any day when I get to sew. Also days with nice weather. Right now: Wednesday and Fridays since I don't have to be in lab and can wear cute things.

Favorite flower: Roses and Hydrangeas

I'm supposed to pass it on to some blogs. It's too hard to choose, so I won't. Instead, I'd like to pass it on to all of my readers because you all bring sunshine to my life! I love each and every single one of your comments. Thanks for reading! If you accept this award, please leave a link to your answers on this post. I'd love to get to know you! Don't have a blog? Feel free to leave your answers in the comments.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dressing Downton: Modern Mary

We all want a bit of Downton Abbey in our wardrobes so after posting some inspiration for adding some Downton flavor to your wardrobe, I took up the challenge of working my latest Dressing Downton piece into a modern look.

Tada! I made a rather more reproduction type piece but opted to style it modern.

You can find this costume's Dressing Downton post here.

I paired this skirt with a modern white t-shirt.

It has an almost lace like print (I guess you could call it) that is translucent and a black lace pattern printed on the front. I really wanted to capture the romantic feel of the original outfit.

I ended up making this skirt using a self drafted half circle skirt pattern. There's only one seam which I placed in the back. It closes with snaps and hooks and eyes. I made self fabric covered buttons that are purely decorative.

The back doesn't hang quite as nicely as I'd like but I'm sure Mary has on a slip and petticoat under hers.

Oh and this is so fun to wear! I do need more of these long half circle skirts!

I also envision this with a period blouse or styled as a 40s evening look! They too had long swooshy skirts. And the color is just so yummy!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Voting open for 2012 Eva Dress pattern contest

I entered this lovely piece into the 2012 Eva Dress Pattern Contest and voting is now open! Just pop over to the word press blog to vote. Xandra the woman behind Eva Dress Patterns has included a line in the side bar so you can see all of the entries in each of the four categories. Click on the stars on the entry's page to vote for it but only vote for one entry in each category!

I'm entered in category #1 so feel free to vote for me if you liked this outfit. (here) Please also look at all of the other categories and vote too! There is a $100 Eva Dress Pattern gift certificate on the line in each category so please vote. Voting is open until March 26, 2012 12:00 midnight EST. Also, if you get super inspired by all the entries and want to whip up some of your own Eva Dress Patterns, you can find them online here.

I need a vacation

...but not from blogging! I'm going on vacation at the beginning of May (eep! just 49 days!) and this weekend I realized that I hadn't thought much about what I was going to be wearing! I'm going to Disney World in Florida.  Way back in January, I came up with the idea of wearing Disney princess inspired dresses but, alas, after one of my lovely readers pointed out that they will not let you in the park in costume if you are over 10, I had to scrap that idea. Better safe than wasting an hour going back to the hotel to change!

My new plan involves some vintage and some modern pieces, some piece already in my wardrobe and some that I'll be making. There's not a whole lot of theme going on. I just want to look cute and not roast. I've only ever been in November, December and January so I really don't know what the weather will be like.

I'm bringing the cherry circle skirt and this green top to wear in Hollywood Studios. My hubby suggested making a poodle skirt to wear but as I have 5 circle skirts already I doubt I'll get around to making a new one.

I really like the look of this dress. I never wore it much as the under layer didn't fit my hips very well, but since I've lost some weight, I'm hoping it hangs better now. Not sure where I'll wear this but I like it.

I adore Wearing History's 1940s Sailor Playsuit! I don't wear it as a set very often because it's a bit costume-y but what better place to be costume-y than Disney World! I suspect the shorts need taken in though.

I'm also finally making Colette Pattern's Macaroon in this lovely bird fabric. I've had it in my stash since last May but this is going to happen! (In fact, it's already cut and partially sewn together!)

Wearing History's Chic Ahoy! pattern is on my must sew list for this summer so might as well have it for vacation. Super cute and practical as it's pants masquerading as a skirt. I was worried that I wouldn't like this style of pants but I adored my 1930s beach pjs so these are a go as soon as I decide which size packet to order! (Grr that I'm now between size packets!)

I'm also pondering a jersey dress. I was wanting to make an Edwardian style tea dress in jersey but I don't think I'll have time to work up a pattern but I was just given a vintage jersey dress that is very 70s does 30s so I'm thinking of giving it a make over a la Nabby of This Old Life (seriously, she made this lovely from a plaid vest and an oversized red sweater dress).

I have 5 park days plus 2 travel days (half of one will be spend in Downton Disney) so I'm short one outfit plus I could use an alternate for good measure. I'm leaning towards another circle skirt. They do take up so much space!

What would you take on vacation to Disney World?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dressing Downton Modern

Downton Abbey is full to the brim with lovely costume inspiration! I've been focusing on more reproduction type projects but what if you're looking more for everyday type looks? Let's look at some ways you can bring that inspiration into a more modern wardrobe.

Downton Skirts

Long skirts were very in during this period, though the length came up towards the end of season 2. Love a great skirt from the show? Shorten the hem to more modern length for an instantly wearable look. Keep the interesting details like the buttons on the back of Mary's skirt or the matching belt on Isobel's. For a more flowy skirt, try a half circle skirt. For a slimmer look, go with an a-line.

Flower Show

Sometimes you'll get lucky and find a modern pattern with similar lines.

Vogue 8648 would be a great starting point for Mary's garden party dress! I'd start with the yellow version and add details. Cut the pieces so the stripes line up with Mary's (or somehow interesting), cut the waist pieces in a darker solid for a belt look and add cuffs to the sleeves. Lace trim around the neck for that finishing touch.

Snap Shot

Fallen in love with a great jacket? There are a couple of options here. A lot of jackets from the show would look great with jeans! For a more modern look focus in one one detail-pockets, a unique closure, or a great color and apply it to a modern cut jacket.

Vogue 8333 is a great place to start. It has classic lines but the little side detail makes it special. Change the collar, closures or color.

Vouge 8621 is a much more modern pattern but still captures that spirit of specialness all of the Edwardian jackets from this show have. This is a great option to capture a color that's been calling your name.

Don't forget to think outside of the box. Wouldn't Mary's riding jacket make a great coat dress?
McCall's 6279 would fit the bill.

I feel like a lot of the blouses would be very wearable with jeans or a modern skirt.

I've got many more ideas, but this is getting long so I'm thinking of doing a series of posts on this topic. So please post questions, requests and ideas!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Make up Review and Blogger Award

This make up review is for an eyebrow powder to help you get those lovely vintage brows!

I've also been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Tina of Down the Retro Rabbit Hole! Thanks!

I'm supposed to list 7 things about myself.

1. I'm an avid scrapbooker. I posted some of my work back in January but it's my other expensive hobby.

2. I like science and math and all of those other school subjects people love to hate. (Except gym. Everyone hates gym.) I also hate history. Go figure I'd fall in love with vintage and historical costuming.

3. I love to read. My favorite kinds of books are science fiction and fantasy (especially the kind that use both.). I read voraciously in middle and high school and have only recently had enough time to read again. My favorite authors are Anne McCaffrey, David Eddings and Sara Douglass.

4. I'm the oldest of four with two sisters and a brother. I also have an older half-brother but his mom and my dad didn't get married till I was in high school so I've definitely got the oldest kid personality.

5. I'm a crazy picky eater. It drives my husband nuts as he loves all kinds of foods. My philosophy is that I'm an adult and no longer have to eat yucky foods I don't like.

6. I didn't see Titanic till I was 18 despite the fact that it came out when I was in fourth grade. For whatever reason, my mom thought it was "bad" for me despite the fact that I watched movies with much worse. I also didn't see Gone with the Wind or anything Audrey Hepburn till after I was an adult.

7. I generally hate anything that requires me to be outside, get exercise or sweat but I adore bike riding. I found out about a great bike path near my house last summer and I've been biking there ever since.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Dressing Downton: Edith's and Sybil's How did that get there? Blouse

My latest Dressing Downton project has been to reproduce this lovely blouse worn by Sybil:

Getting a ride to Rippen

And Edith:

  Sisters: Season 2 

I used a lovely watercolor print for the main fabric and a lavender fabric for the cuff and collar detail.

I took my styling cue from Edith and paired it with a high waisted black pencil skirt. This was partially because it was a bit short to wear with pants but also because the shape was horribly unflattering when untucked.

Can you say boxy? So not flattering on my body shape. Tucking in is a must!

I drafted this from Colette Pattern's Sorbetto and Butterick 5559 (sleeves). I also drafted the contrast pieces. I saved myself from any facing/hemming by sewing the contrast on right side of contrast to wrong side of fabric and then flipping it to the outside. I pressed the seam allowance on the other edge of the contrast so all I had to do was press the sewn seam and slip stitch the floppy edge down. Easy and pretty.

I suspect this blouse would have been more flattering with underarm gussets so there wouldn't be so much fabric hanging around. I think I'll end up taking in the sides of the blouse near the waist to give a more flattering shape. It won't be as true to the original but that's ok with me.