Monday, March 19, 2012

Voting open for 2012 Eva Dress pattern contest

I entered this lovely piece into the 2012 Eva Dress Pattern Contest and voting is now open! Just pop over to the word press blog to vote. Xandra the woman behind Eva Dress Patterns has included a line in the side bar so you can see all of the entries in each of the four categories. Click on the stars on the entry's page to vote for it but only vote for one entry in each category!

I'm entered in category #1 so feel free to vote for me if you liked this outfit. (here) Please also look at all of the other categories and vote too! There is a $100 Eva Dress Pattern gift certificate on the line in each category so please vote. Voting is open until March 26, 2012 12:00 midnight EST. Also, if you get super inspired by all the entries and want to whip up some of your own Eva Dress Patterns, you can find them online here.


  1. Your outfit is amazing! Did you post about this before? I want to read about all the details!

    1. Yes I did. You can read about it here:

  2. wow, this is amazing! going to go and vote now :)

  3. I'm hoping I voted correctly. I've never voted on eva dress contest before. Anyway, they had these stars at the bottom of your entry, so I clicked on that.

  4. I love the cape you made. It looks fabulous. I voted for you too!