Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Make up Review and Blogger Award

This make up review is for an eyebrow powder to help you get those lovely vintage brows!

I've also been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Tina of Down the Retro Rabbit Hole! Thanks!

I'm supposed to list 7 things about myself.

1. I'm an avid scrapbooker. I posted some of my work back in January but it's my other expensive hobby.

2. I like science and math and all of those other school subjects people love to hate. (Except gym. Everyone hates gym.) I also hate history. Go figure I'd fall in love with vintage and historical costuming.

3. I love to read. My favorite kinds of books are science fiction and fantasy (especially the kind that use both.). I read voraciously in middle and high school and have only recently had enough time to read again. My favorite authors are Anne McCaffrey, David Eddings and Sara Douglass.

4. I'm the oldest of four with two sisters and a brother. I also have an older half-brother but his mom and my dad didn't get married till I was in high school so I've definitely got the oldest kid personality.

5. I'm a crazy picky eater. It drives my husband nuts as he loves all kinds of foods. My philosophy is that I'm an adult and no longer have to eat yucky foods I don't like.

6. I didn't see Titanic till I was 18 despite the fact that it came out when I was in fourth grade. For whatever reason, my mom thought it was "bad" for me despite the fact that I watched movies with much worse. I also didn't see Gone with the Wind or anything Audrey Hepburn till after I was an adult.

7. I generally hate anything that requires me to be outside, get exercise or sweat but I adore bike riding. I found out about a great bike path near my house last summer and I've been biking there ever since.


  1. ah, but number 7 is the reason to like gym! in the spring/summer, at least.

  2. I love Sara Douglass! I've got the entire Wayfarer Redemption series and have read some of her other books as well and they're all so good.

    1. I adore the Wayfarer Redemption series! I also love the Troy Game series. :)