Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sunshine and Hair Cuts

My computer was acting up this morning but I did get it working finally so today's youtube video could come up! Woohoo! This tutorial is on faking a middy haircut if you don't have one. I'm planning on getting a middy in the not to distant future so I definitely wanted to get this video done before then.

I've also been awarded the Sunshine Award by Mommy en France who blogs over at Two Little Cabbages & cie. Thanks dear!

And here are the questions that go along with the award.

 Favorite color: Generally, I like green. Right now I'm loving mint, coral, teal and Tangerine Tango. Really depends on my mood though.

Favorite animal: Cats! 

Favorite number: not sure I have one

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Diet cherry soda (It's really abut all I drink aside from water.)

Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. I don't even have a twitter account!

My passion: I have many-vintage, fashion, reading, writing, sewing. I tend to be very opinionated about things and either love it or hate it.

Getting or giving presents: I like giving presents if they are good presents. Giving people generic type presents is no fun and it usually means you don't know them very well and (at least for me) doing it out of social obligation rather than because you really want to. My husband is hard to buy presents for so I always get excited when I find him something nice!

Not going to lie though, I like getting stuff too. ;)

Favorite pattern: Anything by Wearing History and also the circle skirt pattern available from Casey's Elegant Musings

Favorite day of the week: Any day when I get to sew. Also days with nice weather. Right now: Wednesday and Fridays since I don't have to be in lab and can wear cute things.

Favorite flower: Roses and Hydrangeas

I'm supposed to pass it on to some blogs. It's too hard to choose, so I won't. Instead, I'd like to pass it on to all of my readers because you all bring sunshine to my life! I love each and every single one of your comments. Thanks for reading! If you accept this award, please leave a link to your answers on this post. I'd love to get to know you! Don't have a blog? Feel free to leave your answers in the comments.


  1. Stephanie our weather is incredible, isn't it? I can't even believe the winter we have had. Okay I have to tell you this, I went to a salon to get my haircut by an "older lady" because I thought she would know about the middy, she looked at me sideways and then I asked for a box cut, she still had no idea, She said she wanted to razor cut my hair! NO! Be prepared with a picture of a middy cut. Good luck, I am off to watch your video.

    1. I know! We almost had to turn the a.c. on yesterday! Hoping we don't get 90s all summer after all of this early spring loveliness.

      I'm definitely bringing a cutting diagram! Hope your cut came out nice. :)

  2. I'm kind of laughing because I'd actually given you that award too...just hadn't had a chance to make the rounds and tell people yet! It was rather hard to choose, and it's well-deserved.

    Also, good luck with the haircut!

  3. Hi Stephanie! thanks for posting this great video! i too have also noticed that rolling it higher in the front fakes the middy. I love love love 40s hair (thats really all i do) and i cut my hair myself so i like to fake it! Congrats on the Sunshine Award!

  4. Hi!
    I´m a reader of your blog. You can check mine here :)

  5. Great video as usual.
    I though this video I found 40's hair on british pathe might interest you
    it shows the lady having her hair cut and styled while its explain that short hair is more practical