Monday, March 19, 2012

I need a vacation

...but not from blogging! I'm going on vacation at the beginning of May (eep! just 49 days!) and this weekend I realized that I hadn't thought much about what I was going to be wearing! I'm going to Disney World in Florida.  Way back in January, I came up with the idea of wearing Disney princess inspired dresses but, alas, after one of my lovely readers pointed out that they will not let you in the park in costume if you are over 10, I had to scrap that idea. Better safe than wasting an hour going back to the hotel to change!

My new plan involves some vintage and some modern pieces, some piece already in my wardrobe and some that I'll be making. There's not a whole lot of theme going on. I just want to look cute and not roast. I've only ever been in November, December and January so I really don't know what the weather will be like.

I'm bringing the cherry circle skirt and this green top to wear in Hollywood Studios. My hubby suggested making a poodle skirt to wear but as I have 5 circle skirts already I doubt I'll get around to making a new one.

I really like the look of this dress. I never wore it much as the under layer didn't fit my hips very well, but since I've lost some weight, I'm hoping it hangs better now. Not sure where I'll wear this but I like it.

I adore Wearing History's 1940s Sailor Playsuit! I don't wear it as a set very often because it's a bit costume-y but what better place to be costume-y than Disney World! I suspect the shorts need taken in though.

I'm also finally making Colette Pattern's Macaroon in this lovely bird fabric. I've had it in my stash since last May but this is going to happen! (In fact, it's already cut and partially sewn together!)

Wearing History's Chic Ahoy! pattern is on my must sew list for this summer so might as well have it for vacation. Super cute and practical as it's pants masquerading as a skirt. I was worried that I wouldn't like this style of pants but I adored my 1930s beach pjs so these are a go as soon as I decide which size packet to order! (Grr that I'm now between size packets!)

I'm also pondering a jersey dress. I was wanting to make an Edwardian style tea dress in jersey but I don't think I'll have time to work up a pattern but I was just given a vintage jersey dress that is very 70s does 30s so I'm thinking of giving it a make over a la Nabby of This Old Life (seriously, she made this lovely from a plaid vest and an oversized red sweater dress).

I have 5 park days plus 2 travel days (half of one will be spend in Downton Disney) so I'm short one outfit plus I could use an alternate for good measure. I'm leaning towards another circle skirt. They do take up so much space!

What would you take on vacation to Disney World?


  1. wow that's so cool that you're going on vacation! i need a vacation too... i really like the blue dress! Its so cute!

  2. How timely this post is for me! Were leaving for disney wednesday! I wish I had thought about what I was wearing more, but I didn't. I am taking a dress I'm finishing tonight, something easy to wear with my swim suit. it's simplicity 2262!

  3. I always dress up and wear a skirt that on the fuller side and a button down to Disney. We go every year. I still love the wearing history play suit. Maybe you would feel better if you made some changes to it. It's really cute.

  4. Ooo, LOVE the playsuit! Wearing History really does have fab patterns. I'm not at the stage to work with her patterns just yet, but someday!