Thursday, May 29, 2014

Beach Babe

I couldn't go to the Florida coast without getting some shots on the beach! And I already had a great retro swim suit so off we went!

Warning! Photo heavy post ahead!

The swim suit is from Fables by Barrie.

I purchased this suit back in 2012 for my last visit to Disney but it hasn't gotten much wear since.

It features a great midcentury print!

And the high waisted bottoms have a cute belt detail!

We chose this beach for the great pier! It was so fun to shoot with!

Pier of awesomeness!

I'm not generally super excited about showing off this much skin on my blog but I've been working on posing and it really helps my self confidence to know how to stand to show my body in it's best light.

And I have reason to believe that I'll be wearing this suit a lot more often in the future.

Because we are moving to Florida! :D

Part of the reason for the trip was to do a moving scope out of the area we thought we'd like to move to and we're going to do it! We won't be moving till the end of the year but I will be downsizing a lot of my vintage wardrobe in preparation for moving out of state so expect more wardrobe sales on the blog over the next few months.

Are any of you currently in or from Florida?

Photos by Will Thorpe Photography

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Around St. Augustine

There's loads to do in St. Augustine which makes it a great vacation spot.

There are several alcohol tasting options but we chose to go to the newly opened St. Augustine Distillery. They work hard to use only locally sourced ingredients and purchase American made equipment. Currently, they only have vodka but they are working on bourbon, rum and gin (which are all aging as we speak.)

They give free tours and tastings. We ended up going fairly early (around ten) but you know, it's five o'clock somewhere!

Located in the same building is the Ice Plant Bar (and restaurant) where we grabbed some lunch. It was fabulous in side. They did an amazing job of restoring the original brick walls of the old ice plant and giving the whole place a very vintage feel. Even the waitresses and bar tenders were dressed retro!

There was also an antique mall in the Lightner Museum building. The entrance is on the left side more towards the back and you have to walk through a restaurant to find it. Alas, most of the shops were closed when we stopped by.

The next adventure of the day was sailing!

I'd been on a boat before but never a sail boat!

So I just had to wear an appropriately nautical outfit!

We went sailing with St. Augustine Eco Tours and it was amazing! While they can't promise seeing wild animals, we saw dolphins, birds and even a manatee on our trip! It was just fabulous!

One of the really cool things about the Eco Tours company is that the proceeds go to fund marine research, conservation and education in the St. Augustine area to help preserve the safe habitat for dolphins and other animals.

Photography by Will Thorpe Photography

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Of Lighthouses and Sea Urchins

Phew! I've got a backlog of vacation photos to share so expect extra outfit posts this week!

One thing I really wanted to bring on vacation was my playsuit so you'll get a sneak peak of it today! I still have a few pieces to finish before the end of the sew along though.

 I made the blouse from Advance 8511. It's super comfortable and easy to sew up!

 The shorts are ones I made a few years ago as part of the Wearing History sailor playsuit. They just happened to be the perfect color to go with my new playsuit!

We took these shots at the St. Augustine light house. The view from the top was phenominal!

 Of course, to get to the view, you have to climb stairs and stairs and stairs.....

 Thank goodness, we took outfit photos at the lighthouse keeper's house before climbing to the top.

 This outfit was just perfect! Can't wait till the rest of my playsuit is complete!

Photography by Will Thorpe Photography

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Feeling Crabby

I posted some in progress shots of this cute playsuit that I made to wear on vacation in Florida.

Crabs galore!!! I used two Wearing History Patterns and a blouse I already had in my closet to whip this up.

The skirt is from the Wearing History Sailor Playsuit Pattern. I've made a buttonless version before and it's really the most flattering 40s skirt I've ever made!

The bolero is from the Wearing History Chic Ahoy Pattern. I did change up how the edge was finished and bound it in self bias binding.

It was a really fun to wear out and about in Florida!

For this outfit, I just had to have some shots down by the water!

I love being by the water! One day, I'd love to own a boat but I really don't need another expensive hobby. (And I live in Ohio....)

And here's me making my Arrrr pirate face. :)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

On nail polish

It's review time! Today, I'm reviewing the X System nail polish kit from Sephora!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

HSF #9: Black and White

This Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge was to sew something black and white or black or white. Originally, I wanted to do a blackwork partlet for this challenge but then I decided that I hated blackwork. Then I had almost 5 yds of white cotton voile leftover from my secret vacation project so I decided to make a new Elizabethan shift/smock/chemise/whatever you want to call it. (This type of undergarment has so many names! I can never remember which goes with which period!)

The Challenge: Black and White
Fabric: cotton voile (just over 3 yds)
Pattern: Period Patterns #90 view vi
Year: 1580s (English)
Notions: 4 snaps
How historically accurate is it? Well, linen was the fabric for undergarments during this period but I had the cotton already and I figured it'd be a huge step up from my other chemise which is made from an old sheet. I did some machine and some hand sewing because if I'm going to do an entirely hand sewn garment, I'll be doing it in 100% period fabrics!
Hours to complete: 4ish
First worn: Not yet! Just another project for the up coming faire season!
Total cost: about $15

It features a gathered neckline which I figure I can always add a ruff to later if I feel like being brave and making a ruff.

The sleeves are also gathered to a cuff.

Not my most exciting project, I know, but the exciting part comes later when I get to wear all my gussied up Ren Faire costumes!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Florida Vacation Haul

With all of the end of semester craziness and then vacation, I've been slacking on the Youtube videos! But I've whipped up a quick haul video to show you what I purchased on vacation!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Parkside Pictures

I'm finally back from vacation! It'll be a while before vacation pictures are edited (and therefore before I can reveal the secret vacation project!) but I do have some other pictures to share! A few weeks ago, I modeled for the Professional Photographers of South West Ohio.

We went to a local park to shoot all day.

I had a blast posing with different photographers. Plus I was fresh from the salon so my hair was great all day!

These photographs are by L. David Likes Photography

Monday, May 12, 2014

Build Your Own Playsuit Options

You don't have to have a "playsuit" pattern to make a playsuit! Here are some great separates that would be perfect of integrating into your playsuit ensemble.


Looking for a more modest 1930s option? Try the Smooth Sailing Blouse from Wearing History. It's available an it's own as an e-pattern or with the Smooth Sailing Trousers in a paper pattern.

For a fun and flirty bottom, try Wearing History's Rita Pleated Shorts! I just adore my version! This pattern is great for late 30s-mid 40s.


Wanting a romper for your playsuit? Wearing History's 1940s Home Front Overalls pattern include a romper option. It's too cute!

Bra tops were really popular for playsuits. Eva Dress offers this cute multi-sized pattern with four bra tops to choose from!


I also just adore this 50s summer top pattern from Eva Dress. I really love the wrap around style in view 2!

Looking for an all in one pattern? Check out this post. Also, coming up are vintage playsuit patterns.