Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Of Lighthouses and Sea Urchins

Phew! I've got a backlog of vacation photos to share so expect extra outfit posts this week!

One thing I really wanted to bring on vacation was my playsuit so you'll get a sneak peak of it today! I still have a few pieces to finish before the end of the sew along though.

 I made the blouse from Advance 8511. It's super comfortable and easy to sew up!

 The shorts are ones I made a few years ago as part of the Wearing History sailor playsuit. They just happened to be the perfect color to go with my new playsuit!

We took these shots at the St. Augustine light house. The view from the top was phenominal!

 Of course, to get to the view, you have to climb stairs and stairs and stairs.....

 Thank goodness, we took outfit photos at the lighthouse keeper's house before climbing to the top.

 This outfit was just perfect! Can't wait till the rest of my playsuit is complete!

Photography by Will Thorpe Photography willthorpe.com


  1. Looks super adorable! Alex


  2. I really like the fabric you chose for your blouse. I think I see orange buttons! I love that! All in all very cute!

  3. Your pictures are perfect as always, but this photo shoot holds a special place in my heart, my sister lives in St. Augustine and we have walked all of those 219 steps so many times. We love St. Augustine and all that is has to offer. If you have not been to Fort Matanzas yet, make sure you take a trip there.

    1. We love St. Augustine! :D We didn't make it to Fort Matanzas this trip but I have been there before.

  4. I love love love this on you! What a effortlessly chic combo, yet casual too!

  5. Such a cute outfit!

  6. Adorable! I love the pattern on the blouse, and those orange buttons are killer. Can't wait to see the whole set.

  7. Beautiful, sun kissed photo series. I've always wanted to pose in a lighthouse, too.

    ♥ Jessica