Wednesday, May 21, 2014

HSF #9: Black and White

This Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge was to sew something black and white or black or white. Originally, I wanted to do a blackwork partlet for this challenge but then I decided that I hated blackwork. Then I had almost 5 yds of white cotton voile leftover from my secret vacation project so I decided to make a new Elizabethan shift/smock/chemise/whatever you want to call it. (This type of undergarment has so many names! I can never remember which goes with which period!)

The Challenge: Black and White
Fabric: cotton voile (just over 3 yds)
Pattern: Period Patterns #90 view vi
Year: 1580s (English)
Notions: 4 snaps
How historically accurate is it? Well, linen was the fabric for undergarments during this period but I had the cotton already and I figured it'd be a huge step up from my other chemise which is made from an old sheet. I did some machine and some hand sewing because if I'm going to do an entirely hand sewn garment, I'll be doing it in 100% period fabrics!
Hours to complete: 4ish
First worn: Not yet! Just another project for the up coming faire season!
Total cost: about $15

It features a gathered neckline which I figure I can always add a ruff to later if I feel like being brave and making a ruff.

The sleeves are also gathered to a cuff.

Not my most exciting project, I know, but the exciting part comes later when I get to wear all my gussied up Ren Faire costumes!

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  1. It may not be exciting, but a definite Ren Fest staple! I'm so excited for the season!