Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Around St. Augustine

There's loads to do in St. Augustine which makes it a great vacation spot.

There are several alcohol tasting options but we chose to go to the newly opened St. Augustine Distillery. They work hard to use only locally sourced ingredients and purchase American made equipment. Currently, they only have vodka but they are working on bourbon, rum and gin (which are all aging as we speak.)

They give free tours and tastings. We ended up going fairly early (around ten) but you know, it's five o'clock somewhere!

Located in the same building is the Ice Plant Bar (and restaurant) where we grabbed some lunch. It was fabulous in side. They did an amazing job of restoring the original brick walls of the old ice plant and giving the whole place a very vintage feel. Even the waitresses and bar tenders were dressed retro!

There was also an antique mall in the Lightner Museum building. The entrance is on the left side more towards the back and you have to walk through a restaurant to find it. Alas, most of the shops were closed when we stopped by.

The next adventure of the day was sailing!

I'd been on a boat before but never a sail boat!

So I just had to wear an appropriately nautical outfit!

We went sailing with St. Augustine Eco Tours and it was amazing! While they can't promise seeing wild animals, we saw dolphins, birds and even a manatee on our trip! It was just fabulous!

One of the really cool things about the Eco Tours company is that the proceeds go to fund marine research, conservation and education in the St. Augustine area to help preserve the safe habitat for dolphins and other animals.

Photography by Will Thorpe Photography


  1. You makes me want to go back to Florida....

  2. Glad you had a good time -- St. Augustine is one of my favorite places.

  3. Oh! I think it's so funny that we both just went to St. Augustine!

    Your outfit is adorable and the anchor is perfect for the setting!


  4. That skirt is sensational!!! I love it when nautical themed fashions are done up in unexpected colours, such as green (instead of, say, red or blue) for your skirt here. Beautiful photos and backdrops!

    ♥ Jessica