Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pattern Palooza Part 2

Even more lovely patterns that need new homes!

1. Butterick 6041 Size 16 Bust 34 $8 plus shipping

 Who doesn't love a smart bolero? This pattern offers two collar options, three sleeve options and your choice of pockets or not.

2. Advance 5859 Size Medium Bust 31-33 $8 plus shipping

 This pattern is for the gal who loves outdoor adventures! Make this pattern up in wool, corduroy or even denim for all of your outdoor activities and camping this summer. Note: This is an unprinted pattern.

3. Simplicity 3468 Size 16 Bust 34 $10 plus shipping

This smart 1940s dress pattern is perfect for that girl who wants to look elegant even at home. The classic lines will make you look chic in both the more casual version or the one with the fabulous ruffles.

4. Simplicity 3938 Size 12 Bust 30 $10 plus shipping ****sold

 Yet another really fabulous early 40s pattern! This one features a dropped waist and really cute bow details! Note: This is an unprinted pattern.

5. Simplicity 4321 Size 14 Bust 32 $10 plus shipping

 Right now is the perfect time to sew up your very own playsuit! This one can be made up as a crop top with shorts or skirt OR a very cute day dress! Note: this is an unprinted pattern.

6. Simplicity 3144 Size 15 Bust 33 $10 plus shipping

 This blouse and skirt pattern can be made up as chic separates or in matching fabric to give the look of a dress. The sleeveless version is perfect for summer while the 3/4 length sleeves are perfect for spring and fall.

7. Simplicity 3997 Size 12 Bust 30 $10 plus shipping

This early 40s dress features great gathered details. Make it up in rayon with short sleeves for summer or a light weight wool with long sleeves for winter. Note: this is an unprinted pattern.

8. Simplicity 3977 Size 14 Bust 32 $10 plus shipping

 This pattern is the perfect blank canvas dress. Show off a great novelty print. Make it up in a solid to show of a really fun trim. The neckline is perfect for showing off a great necklace or novelty brooch.

9. Ann Adams 4814 Size 14 Bust 32 $10 plus shipping

 This Anne Adams patter is a really cute dirndl style dress. It also really reminds me of Renaissance costumes. Either way you choose to style it, you'll be cute!

10. Simplicity 1936 Size 18 Bust 36 $12 plus shipping ***sold

 What a cute 1930s pattern! It has really cute fluttery sleeves and is perfect for some really special buttons. Note: This is an unprinted pattern. This pattern is also missing several pieces from the shorts pattern: L shorts underlap, M shorts overlap, P front shorts belt, R back shorts belt. All of the pieces for the blouse and skirt are included. This is reflected in the price.

To purchase, please email me at girlwiththestarspangledheart[dot]gmail[dot]com. I still have several other patterns for sale. Thanks!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Pattern Palooza

I adore vintage sewing patterns! Aren't they just so cute! Too bad I really only enjoy sewing them up once or twice before moving on to other patterns. Since I have too many, I'm going to be selling some this week. Click the link to see some of these patterns made up. Enjoy!

1. Simplicity 1659 Waist 24 Hips 33 $5 plus shipping

 A basic 1940s bias cut skirt with great drape and and option for cute pockets or a shaped waistband.

2. Simplicity 3895 Size 16 Bust 34 $10 plus shipping ***sold

 A super cute early 40s dress with cool pockets. Jazz this dress up with embroidery or topstitching.

3. Simplicity 3517 Size 16 Bust 34 $10 plus shipping ***sold

 A great early 40s shirtwaist dress. It sews up smartly in both solids and prints. Note: this is an unprinted pattern.

4. McCall 9242 Size 14 Bust 32 $25 + shipping ***sold

 This smart, sporty 1930s pattern is in amazing condition! It definitely hasn't been sitting in an attic or basement somewhere. I particularly love the fluttery sleeves of view A.

5. Simplicity 4366 Size 14 Bust 32 $10 plus shipping ***sold

This pattern includes the jacket and pleated skirt patterns. It just screams 1940s college gal to me.

6. Simplicity 4413 Size 16 Bust 34 $10 + shipping ***sold

 This smart dress gives the look of a suit without the hassle of all of that tailoring! It would be equally yummy in wool for fall or linen for summer.

7. Simplicity 1983 Size 15 Bust 33 $20 plus shipping

 This pattern circa 1947 is perfect for all of your special occasion needs! I particularly like view 1 with the bustle which is inspired by late 19th century styles. I even used this pattern to make up a wedding dress!

8. Simplicity 2502 Size 16 Bust 34 $10 plus shipping

 This post-war 1940s patterns is a perfect sun dress pattern! View 1 is perfect for prints while view 2 has fun hip accents.

9. Simplicity 1541 Size 14 Bust 32 $10 plus shipping

 Party dress anyone? This pattern features a fabulously full skirt and the option for a wrap or boatneck top.

10. Advance 8511 Size 12 Bust 30 $5 plus shipping

I don't know about you, but I love sleeveless tops for summer! Beat the heat with this 1950s blouse pattern or stick with a more classic look with short sleeves.

If you are interested in a pattern or two, email me at girlwiththestarspangledheart[at]gmail[dot]com. If you have been eyeing any of the hats from last week, let me know because I will be listing them for sale elsewhere soon! Thanks!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Konmari Round 2: CDs and DVDs

I'm digging right into Konmari round 2 with my CDs and DVDs. This category is a hard one for us because we love movies! See how many we parted with in the second round of culling.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Prayer Changes Things

My church has been going through the book of Daniel on Sundays. I knew there would be a lot of visions and prophecies but I never noticed how much this book talks about prayer. Daniel was such a prayer warrior!

In chapter 10 we see Daniel prays and fasts for 21 days but doesn't get an answer until day 24. The messenger who visits Daniel lets him know that God heard his prayers on the very first day even though the response was delayed. What a comfort to know that our prayers have power!

My head pastor has a saying about prayer-Prayer changes things. I've heard it many times, but this weekend it really hit home in Daniel's story. Prayer changes things but we have to be persistent because sometimes the answer gets delayed.

 I love using my acrylic stamping blocks to help me layout my stickers. Sometimes I have to get a bit creative to fit all of the letters on the page but this really helps me decide if I can squeeze it in.

 And then I outlined because outlining just makes things really pop! I really felt like this page ended up with a bit of an old school comic book feel so I doug out a speech bubble to add to the page.

Tada! It's easy to get bogged down in trying to figure out all of the nitty gritty in deep passages of prophecy but I always like to bring it back to the simple, obvious things in the Word. They are always areas in my life that I still need to work on!

Just remember this week that your prayers are powerful because we have a great God who answers them.

 P.S. I though you guys would like a sneak peak of what my workspace looks like when I'm creating. So crazy! I always tidy up afterwords though so my space can be open for other crafting endeavors like sewing.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Komanri Round 2: Plans and Strategy

I can't believe that we are halfway through June already! The hubby and I and our 3 birds will be moving in just two months so that means it's time to do round 2 of Konmari! I have decided to chronicle this second round but I'm going to be handling it a bit differently than round 1.

I went into the whole Konmari process originally knowing that we would be downsizing late summer 2016. I knew that downsizing would really give me an extra push to let go of more things but I went ahead and did one round of Konmari because I really wanted to start simplifying. Also, after finishing this process, I still kept finding more things to let go of so I knew a second round of Konmari was in order.

Now that we have selected a new apartment and have a move in date, I'm feeling very motivated to continue to declutter! We're going from a 3 bed 2 bath condo with a 1 car garage to a 2 bed 2 bath apartment with no garage. We're losing about 300 sq. ft. of living space plus the garage and cutting our patio by 2/3 so it's going to take some reorganizing of our belongings! The hardest part is that we'll lose a bedroom closet, a walk in closet in the master and a coat closet so storage is key.

Instead of following the order Mari recommends in her book, I'll be going in which ever order I feel is best. Mari has picked out her order by starting with less sentimental things and working your way up to more sentimental things and doing things in this order helps build your decision making skills. I've already been through this process and feel like my decision skills are already great. Plus, I know which areas I'll really need to downsize and which areas have already been decluttered pretty thoroughly.

I'm not going to be documenting this round in quite as much detail because that was a huge project and this round I'm on a deadline and will have to get stuff done pretty quickly. But watch this space for more decluttering! Please let me know if there is a particular category you'd like to see get Konmari'd in round 2 and I'll try to work it into my filming schedule.