Friday, June 17, 2016

Prayer Changes Things

My church has been going through the book of Daniel on Sundays. I knew there would be a lot of visions and prophecies but I never noticed how much this book talks about prayer. Daniel was such a prayer warrior!

In chapter 10 we see Daniel prays and fasts for 21 days but doesn't get an answer until day 24. The messenger who visits Daniel lets him know that God heard his prayers on the very first day even though the response was delayed. What a comfort to know that our prayers have power!

My head pastor has a saying about prayer-Prayer changes things. I've heard it many times, but this weekend it really hit home in Daniel's story. Prayer changes things but we have to be persistent because sometimes the answer gets delayed.

 I love using my acrylic stamping blocks to help me layout my stickers. Sometimes I have to get a bit creative to fit all of the letters on the page but this really helps me decide if I can squeeze it in.

 And then I outlined because outlining just makes things really pop! I really felt like this page ended up with a bit of an old school comic book feel so I doug out a speech bubble to add to the page.

Tada! It's easy to get bogged down in trying to figure out all of the nitty gritty in deep passages of prophecy but I always like to bring it back to the simple, obvious things in the Word. They are always areas in my life that I still need to work on!

Just remember this week that your prayers are powerful because we have a great God who answers them.

 P.S. I though you guys would like a sneak peak of what my workspace looks like when I'm creating. So crazy! I always tidy up afterwords though so my space can be open for other crafting endeavors like sewing.

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  1. What a joyfully fun work space. I love seeing fellow paper crafters immersed in their projects. So relatable!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica