Monday, June 27, 2016

Pattern Palooza

I adore vintage sewing patterns! Aren't they just so cute! Too bad I really only enjoy sewing them up once or twice before moving on to other patterns. Since I have too many, I'm going to be selling some this week. Click the link to see some of these patterns made up. Enjoy!

1. Simplicity 1659 Waist 24 Hips 33 $5 plus shipping

 A basic 1940s bias cut skirt with great drape and and option for cute pockets or a shaped waistband.

2. Simplicity 3895 Size 16 Bust 34 $10 plus shipping ***sold

 A super cute early 40s dress with cool pockets. Jazz this dress up with embroidery or topstitching.

3. Simplicity 3517 Size 16 Bust 34 $10 plus shipping ***sold

 A great early 40s shirtwaist dress. It sews up smartly in both solids and prints. Note: this is an unprinted pattern.

4. McCall 9242 Size 14 Bust 32 $25 + shipping ***sold

 This smart, sporty 1930s pattern is in amazing condition! It definitely hasn't been sitting in an attic or basement somewhere. I particularly love the fluttery sleeves of view A.

5. Simplicity 4366 Size 14 Bust 32 $10 plus shipping ***sold

This pattern includes the jacket and pleated skirt patterns. It just screams 1940s college gal to me.

6. Simplicity 4413 Size 16 Bust 34 $10 + shipping ***sold

 This smart dress gives the look of a suit without the hassle of all of that tailoring! It would be equally yummy in wool for fall or linen for summer.

7. Simplicity 1983 Size 15 Bust 33 $20 plus shipping

 This pattern circa 1947 is perfect for all of your special occasion needs! I particularly like view 1 with the bustle which is inspired by late 19th century styles. I even used this pattern to make up a wedding dress!

8. Simplicity 2502 Size 16 Bust 34 $10 plus shipping

 This post-war 1940s patterns is a perfect sun dress pattern! View 1 is perfect for prints while view 2 has fun hip accents.

9. Simplicity 1541 Size 14 Bust 32 $10 plus shipping

 Party dress anyone? This pattern features a fabulously full skirt and the option for a wrap or boatneck top.

10. Advance 8511 Size 12 Bust 30 $5 plus shipping

I don't know about you, but I love sleeveless tops for summer! Beat the heat with this 1950s blouse pattern or stick with a more classic look with short sleeves.

If you are interested in a pattern or two, email me at girlwiththestarspangledheart[at]gmail[dot]com. If you have been eyeing any of the hats from last week, let me know because I will be listing them for sale elsewhere soon! Thanks!

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