Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fashion and Film: State Fair

So earlier this week, TCM must have been having a Rodgers and Hammerstein moment because they showed South Pacific and State Fair back to back! I'm a huge fan of musicals in general and R&H is always a treat. I'd never seen State Fair before, but if I had I'm sure I'd have fallen in love with 40s fashions long ago!

State Fair (1945) tells the story of the Frake family's visit to the Iowa State Fair. There's Abel, the pa, who is all worked up getting his prized pig ready for judging. And Melissa, the ma, is busy getting her pickles and sweetmeats ready to beat Mrs. Edwin C. Metcalfe, who stole the all the prizes last year. Wayne Frake is bummed that his girl won't make the fair, but the fair is full of exciting girls. And there's Margy, the daughter, who only wants to escape the attention of her would be beau who clearly does not understand her.

This film is chock full of 40s fashions! Leisure outfits, fancy fair frocks, mature fashions and even a drop of evening ensembles. I'd pretty much wear anything Margy had in her closet! So here are some lovelies to inspire your summer styles!

Margy's first ensemble. The sleeves are a bit much for me but the skirt is awesome! It has a faux apron on the front. How perfect for a farm girl!

Here's another shot of the blouse. The bow detail is just darling.

I think this was possibly my favorite outfit. Check out those cherries! It had a white pleated skirt. I think I'd rather have seen it with a velvet skirt, but perhaps that a bit fancy and pricy for a farm girl. And don't forget to notice mom's ensemble! Check out her hat!

Matching hat alert!!!!!

A cute peasant dress. Looks a bit similar to this pattern Gertie's been mooning over.

How yummy! This would be so easy to make if you already had a lovely white dress. Just add a black vest and a cute red tie under the collar.

Love the purple and green combo here. The subtle purple stripe are genius!

Margy had two of these lovely blue and white pinafores. This one is gingham with checker board print accents. I love the idea of mixing gingham and checker board. A very subtle but cute look. The other was a blue and white striped with a lovely chevron design on the top.

Here's another more casual day at home look.

This dress is absolutely darling too!

Check out this embroidery! There's a matching row on the skirt!

And cute covered buttons! Love!

Here's Wayne's girl on the phone. Check out the cute daisies on her sleeves!

And of course, in contrast, there is the sophisticated city girl. I love the contrast on the hat!

Check out the black dress in this shot!

This scene is chock full of dresses! My favorite is at 1:48. The girl on the carousel with the brown bow dress! Love the neckline detail!

Anyways, do check out this film or at least track down some youtube clips!


  1. Wow... I´ve never seen this movie, it looks amazing. And the dresses, omg!! So gorgeous!!!

  2. This is one of my all time favorites! Thanks for posting such great shots!

  3. I LOVE this movie! Margie's outfits have been a long time favorite of mine. I'll take one of each!! And of coarse Dana Andrews!! ;)

  4. *drools* ok, I MUST find this movie and watch it asap. My best friend has been feeling down in the dumps lately so I think I'll have to watch it with her and then try to re-create some of these beauties :D

  5. LOVE the embroidered dress! I haven't seen this movie either but the fashions are amazing!!

  6. ~ * ♥ * ~

    *dies* Gorgeous! I am sooo itching to watch this film now... I just have to get Netflix sorted out! It is on Netflix isn't it?? Oh golly I hope so! > <

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~