Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2nd Annual Summer Essentials Sew-Along

Woot! More sew-alongs! Co-hosted by Sarah, Ali and Alessa this sewing venture is all about building a great summer wardrobe! So, I thought I'd start by listing my (rather ambitious) summer sewing plans. (Mostly for me though, so I can check my progress along the way!)

1. Blue Bird Macaron

This lovely bird fabric was the first fabric purchase that I made with out an idea of what I wanted to do with it. I snatched it off of the sale rack and bought the 2.5ish yds that were left. Once I decided on Macaron, I choose a white fabric with embroidered flowers, though you can't really see them well in the photo.

2. Retro Wrap Dress (The Great Minds Think Alike Dress)

So maybe I'm cheating on this one and reproducing the blue dress on the cover, but my summer theme is supposed to be nautical and red, white and blue!

3. Pushing Daisies Wiggle Dress

Inspired by this dress:
I do want to make some sort of overskirt thing if there is enough fabric!

4. Red and blue floral dress

I had planned on making a different Butterick Retro pattern with this fabric, but then I read a terrible review of it and decided to forgo that pattern. So I may give another Butterick Retro pattern a go or try Colette Pattern's Ceylon.

5. Sailor Playsuit!!!!!!!

I bought this pattern back in October and have been waiting for the weather to turn so I can make it!

6. Closing the Gaps Projects

7. Hats

I know it's not a category in the Sew-Along, but I'm making the red fabric into the sun hat (bottom right) and the corduroy into the top left (pink and green hats).

Why so many dresses? Well, the hubby has declared that I need to destash.... So I'm trying to work through a lot of things in my stash and that's just what I had. Everything, except the hats, the sailor playsuit and the closing the gaps, comes from le stash so go me!


  1. What a great sewing plan! So many lovely things :) We've added an accessories category thanks to your lovely suggestion!

  2. I love every idea!!! Gorg fabric choices!!!