Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blogging Mamas Who Rock: Victoria

Moms are amazing people and every May we celebrate them. Join me in getting to know this week's Blogging Mama Who Rocks, Victoria from Justice Pirate. Check out her blog for outfit posts, modest fashion features, movie and music reviews and more.
How did you get started blogging?
I used to have a LiveJournal back in the end of 1999 or early 2000 where I wanted to write my poetry and express my feelings for the guy of my dreams (eventual husband). Around 2002/2003 I started to incorporate my photography and my outfits but the outfit entries weren't so occurring as they are now. I mainly wrote gigantic theological entries. Three years ago I moved to Blogger doing the same thing but I deleted a lot of my entries after about a month (sometimes still do that other than outfit entries really).
How would you describe your style?
It's too much of a mix of my interests. I've always been really into the prairie or Bohemian type of styles but I also always loved the 1940s-early 1960s styles (and didn't know where to find it until the discovery of Mainly, I just like being me but want to express how amazing modest fashion can be, since these days you don't see people who are too worried about being modest in dress or lifestyle.
What do you love most about wearing vintage clothing?
the uniqueness about it. You can't find the exact piece anywhere else (very doubtful anyway). Also just being tall I would never be able to feel comfortable and modest in most of today's dresses at all. I would be in jeans or pants all the time if it weren't for vintage dresses especially.
Besides Justice Pirate, I know you have two other blogs, The Rakis Rant and Ruby-Eyed Okapi. What are they about?
Ruby-Eyed Okapi promotes modesty and purity to an overly-sexualized generation. It seems today like too many people are more concerned with blending in with the rest of the world. We want to encourage women and young girls to be beautiful and sexy through modesty and living our lives in a pure way by not blending in with what society wants us to wear or do. The Rakis Rant was created by my husband and we both write our theological thoughts into it from time to time or what we might be reading in the Bible and learned from it. The idea is that we are the church and should live life as disciples of Christ outside and inside of the church no matter where we go, constantly working on our lives in growth and encouraging others.
I know that modesty is very important to you. Do you have any advice for women trying to be more modest?
Really I think modesty has to do more with being a little less selfish and more caring about those around you. I know it is hard to be modest (I used to be very immodest up until only about 4.5 years ago). It is a heart issue where in the morning you should take a look at what you wear and say things like, "Is this outfit possibly going to cause someone to stumble into lust, maybe someone who is trying their best to focus on their wife or really would not want to be distracted by the female form while trying to drive, work, etc? Will this outfit be more pleasing to man or to God? Will I be setting an example to the young girls who might be struggling hard with facing all the advertising telling them to be sexy by showing lots of skin rather than by being beautiful through modesty?"
Tell me a bit about your kids.
My older son is 4 years old. He was born big (9 lbs, 14oz). His name is Leto meaning "to be better than his father, becoming like God, being strong in God". His name was taken from my husband's favorite book series called Dune by Frank Herbert. He's finishing up pre-K (I homeschool him). He's a little obsessive compulsive mixed with being independent (wants to do things his certain way and doesn't really want help). He loves to draw, sings a lot, loves learning how to read and write, he's pretty compassionate and affectionate. He doesn't obey too well but he's trying. He loves playing with his cars, trains, and has quite an imagination.
Micah is 2 and is my little guy (born tall and skinny and 7lbs 10oz). His name means "One who resembles God" (so in a way both of our boys have the same name meaning). He was named after the prophet Micah in the Bible. He's the adventurous one who keeps us on edge. He is a very fast learner and is very affectionate and also a little attached to me. He likes to color, sucks on his thumb, puts together the most amazing train tracks on his own, and follows his brother around; being like a little shadow and parrot to him.
Thanks Victoria for being a Blogging Mama Who Rocks!

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