Friday, April 29, 2011

Becoming a Princess

There have been a lot of lovely posts about Kate's dress, which I loooooove! I'll send interested parties over to Gertie's post, which is really great. All of this princess excitement has gotten me in the mood to wear a tiara.

I have three.

I'll start with the small one. I've had this since high school when I bought it to wear to prom. It's from Claire's and not the best quality but it's pretty cute. Great for the beginner princess. It's currently displayed in my living room with the slipper below on a matching sconce.

This one my husband bought me on our honeymoon in Disney world! I also got a mini glass slipper! I wore it every day in Disney. It did get broken though. :(

This one is my favorite! I got to be a princess on my wedding day too. It's a lovely 14k gold plated tiara from Princess Bride Tiaras. I highly reccommend them if you are looking for a tiara. They are even more gorgeous in person!

Did you break out your tiara today?

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  1. gorgeous!!! I especially love the one you wore for your wedding!