Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Middy Haircut

Last week I got a Middy haircut and today a whipped up a video to show you how it looks unstyled. Enjoy!


  1. Yes!! thankyou so much! I've been looking desperately for pictures or videos of an unstyled Middy cut, even going so far as to (slightly and subtley) hassle other vintage styled girls to please show me what it looks like. I'm really wanting to get one cut, but no hairdresser knows what it is, and Í'm a littel afraid to take the plunge. So thankyou, you have literally made my day, week and month!

  2. @Sarah

    I say go for it girl! Lisa Freemont Street also has a nice video and she got the Middy straight from the cutting diagram ( If you decide to get it, you can find cutting diagrams by doing a google image search for 'middy haircut diagram'. I'd love to see if you get the cut!

  3. If I get my hair done in a middy based solely on the diagram, will I not be able to do victory rolls? Because I want to be authentic, but victory rolls are my absolute favorite thing.

    1. @Luanne

      If you love victory rolls, ask your stylist to leave some extra length in the front. The traditional Middy cut dosen't have enough length in the front for victory rolls. The diagrams I've seen for cuts for victory rolls have the sides cut at 6 inches rather than 4 inches. Just make sure you get nice layers (no razoring!) in the back for those nice fluffy curls to go with your victory rolls.