Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why you need to make a muslin!

So I've been working on this outfit to wear for graduation (t minus one month and counting!). I decided to do a muslin for the top since I know I have narrow shoulders and since the sleeves aren't separate pieces, I thought there might be some issues fitting it on the fly. Boy, am I glad I did!

I didn't take a picture of me in Muslin #1 during any point in the process because the fit was terrible! It was too tight in the sleeve and at the bust and huge on my chest above the girls. This top was definitely designed for someone in a bullet bra! My girls are not that high and perky! Plus the shoulder issue caused extra poof the shoulder area.

When I took Muslin #1 apart to use as a pattern for Muslin #2, I noticed that the changes caused the fabric not to be flat in the chest area. Hmmm.... I wasn't sure how that would translate when I cut out the pieces, which would be flat. So on one side, I added a horizontal dart to help get that shape and to see how it would turn out.

The side without the dart had some weird poofiness where the top and sleeve joined. While I hate to have to add a dart to the pattern, that side fit much better. I also lowered the vertical darts on that side. That gave me some more wiggle room. Plus, the envelope illustration shows the darts lower with respect to the girls. (Not that that necessarily means anything.)

I'm going to finish the neckline and sleeve cuffs in Muslin #3. I may lower the neckline but I think it will work. The sleeve lengths also ended up weird so I'll make them match up again. And vacuum! Goodness, my floor is dirty!

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