Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blogging Mamas Who Rock: Marie

Happy Mother's Day all you mamas out there! This week's Blogging Mama Who Rocks is Marie of Lemondrop Vintage. She has some of the cutest outfit posts! And right now she is hosting a giveaway, so pop on over to her blog and check it out!
How did you first get into blogging?
I think it was a random vintage website search that led me to some inspiring vintage blogs and shops. I had tried selling on ebay and wanted to try the etsy route. Successful bloggers like Sally Jane Vintage really inspired me to try both out! I have never reached her heights of success, but I enjoy the ride and meeting new people.
Which time periods do you love to draw fashion inspiration from?
I am interested in all time periods, I am not a vintage purist who only is comfortable with one era's style and clothing cuts. There are certain styles and cuts that look better on me, like 50's and 60's dresses, but I am just as interested in a shearling 70's coat! I sometimes think I am a bit flighty about fashion since I don't seem to settle into one era the way some vintage enthusiasts do. But I am never bored!
What do you love best about vintage style?
I love the care and details that were once put into clothes, especially handmade dresses! And the fact that I am not going to see six other women with the same dress is another plus. The thrill of the vintage hunt is much more fun for me than shopping at a mall or boutique.
Tell me a little about your baby.
I didn't really expect to get pregnant, we hadn't been successful for a while and I thought I might need medical help. That's why he's an extra joy to us, I had no idea how much he would be until he was here. People try to tell you, and you might think you know, but until you have your own in your arms you can't really know how it feels to be a parent. And when I say your own, I am a firm believer that adopted children will evoke the same wonder and joy. I am totally open to that route too.
He's a pretty happy guy most of the time, but we are still not sleeping through the night as long as I would like. His daddy has been a huge help and does so much for us everyday!
How has your style evolved through being pregnant and now as a new mom?
Eek. I just hated the maternity racks. Yes, there are a few cute designs out there, but many are overpriced and made of inferior fabrics. I just kept looking for larger sizes of regular clothing, new or vintage! That wasn't the best plan every time, but it allowed me to gravitate to patterns and styles I actually liked instead of something that accommodated my stomach but not my taste. I am thrilled to be able to wear my clothes again (or at least a majority of them). I am lucky that I already wore washable, comfortable clothing most of the time so I don't have to adjust as much as someone who wears silk more often than denim! The biggest pain? Choosing clothes that don't make breastfeeding impossible. Sometimes I do wear that difficult dress, but only when I know I can manage a lot of privacy that day.
I know you have a fabulous collection of vintage purses. Which one is your favorite?
What an interesting question- I have never really thought about it. My taste has changed over the years. For a while I collected embroidered bags, and then plastic 60's bags, and everything in between. Here's one of my favorites for evenings out!
I will always remember the vintage purse that got away, an embroidered purse I lost in an ebay auction battle. Sniff. It had a lovely crown embroidered on front.
Here is an older post with one of my purse collection stashes:
One purse highpoint for me... I was watching Zooey Deshanel in 500 days of summer and saw her carrying a vintage purse I owned! I squealed. Loudly.
Thanks Marie for being a Blogging Mama Who Rocks!

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