Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sewing Projects for the New Year: Fabrics

Thanks for the comments on my Sewing Projects for the New Year post! Yesterday, I went fabric shopping as I'm going to the mall with one of my girl friends today and I wanted to make sure a good hunk of my Christmas money was spent on sewing stuff! I opted to get fabric and notions for #1 Wearing History's Smooth Sailing pattern pants and shirt and #3 Vintage McCall dress that I've dubbed the Faux Button Dress.

Here are my goodies for the shirt. I just fell in love with this cute bumble bee and apple print. I love the colors! I picked out white daisy buttons, red rick rack and some white for contrast on the collar, sleeves and tops of the pockets.

Love it! Polka dots too! My husband is not so crazy about prints, but he hates prints. As a graphic designer, he's more into texture. And he lacks fabrical vision. But I know it will be too cute! I've never put in a button before but I'll figure it out.

I found some lovely navy linen to make the Wearing History pants! Woot! I had some difficulty with finding this. I found some nice navy suitings for $24.99 a yard. That was not going to happen for my first pair of pants. I wasn't too excited about any of the denim available either. But then I found this lovely linen for $8/yd plus 30% off! And linen was on the list of approved fabrics! If these turn out great, I might go for a cordoroy pair, but I did want to start with a blue pair and I'd like brown cordoroy.

Here's all of my stuff for the Faux Button Dress! I found a lovely forest green fleece. This was also a difficult pick. There were not fabric suggestions on the pattern. Gah! Anyways, this dress may be a complete fail, but onward I go! I also picked up an awl, coverable buttons and plastic rings to make Casey's covered buttons.

See all of my lovelies! (Although I just noticed that there is only 5 buttons in that pack.... guess I'm going to go get some more.)

I love the color! I was going to go for navy with this dress but I fell for this one at the store.

I also got a gift card to Barnes and Nobles! I bought this sewing book. It looks super cute. I love the author's whimsical, girly style and fabric selections. She designed three basic patterns- a skirt, a dress/tunic top, and a jacket- and makes quite a few different garments from each one. I'm hoping working with this book will help stimulate my creativity and ability to "see beyond the pattern".

I adore this fun, funky so-called "Mod Jacket".

This jacket so reminds me of a jacket of one of my friends I've been drooling over. Hers is made of a tapestry type fabric with a fur collar and cuff. Another pattern in the book has fur collar and cuffs so I may get creative.

Tomorrow, I'm leaving for New Year's with my family in Kentucky and then a week in Palm Coast, FL. Blogging maybe spotty for a while. I'm going to try and write some posts before I leave and post them during the week. There is supposed to be internet at the hotel, but one never knows. Well, Happy New Year all!


  1. I have no fabrical vision. I am not sure if that is an insult or compliment ; )

  2. oh, that "Apple bee" fabric is darling! That navy linen looks perfect for your trousers...actually, I love everything you chose. Can't wait to see them done up! Happy New Year!