Friday, May 17, 2013

Birthday and Anniversary Swag

It just so happens that my birthday and wedding anniversary are just two days apart (and usually right up near mother's day for when we get to that stage). Which means May is everybody loves Stephanie month. :) And this year I got gobs of vintage and sewing related things from people who love me.

Patterns! These I picked out myself with birthday money. I love birthday money especially since the stuff I really like other people would have a hard time picking out for me. But I never ask for it because it's just awkward.

This little beauty I had spied a few months ago at a used bookstore. It's a huge 1951 catalog.  It was still there when we went back last weekend and my hubby sneakishly bought it for me. :D

And look at all of the pretties! I really want to make some scans to share but we'll have to see how the scanner behaves.

I also spied these vintage confetti earrings at a near by vintage store the same day I spied the catalog. They too were still there so they just had to come home with me! I like to do that sometimes. Wait and see if something is still there. If they are, great. If not, it's not meant to be. If I completely forget about it, then I must not have really wanted it that much in the first place.

A local sewing store called Sew Dayton was having a vintage fabric destash sale so I picked up these two beauties. The left one is a suiting and someone had bought almost the whole bolt because there's 7 3/4 yds here! The right fabric is possibly cashmere and it feels divine. Only 5/8 yd here but I couldn't pass it up! My dad also got me a Jo Ann's gift card. Yay for sewing!

And last, but certainly not least, Wearing History's 1940s overall pattern. The hubby and I weren't planning on doing anything big for our anniversary this year. (We did go to Disney for last year's though.) So this is what I asked for.

What kind of birthday gifts do you like? Do your friends and family buy you vintage or sewing related things?


  1. What a treasure trove of new lovelies! I adore that Spiegel catalog so much. I can just imagine the hours upon hours one could spend getting lost in its inspiring pages. It's so awesome to have months like this, when you get plenty of your favourite things.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I know what you mean about leaving something and seeing if it's still there waiting for you; I once went back to a shop in a seaside town where some friends had a weekend house, and a ring I'd been smitten by the previous summer was still there, a year later. I wear it every day.

  3. First off, I hope you have had a wonderful and happy anniversary!! I love hearing how people are in their marriages! And nice pattern haul, can't wait to see those overalls finished.

  4. Amazing swag dear gal! And happy birthday!!! Sweet that is so close to your anniversary-hope it was amazing!!! xox Bunny

  5. Oh my gosh!! My birthday and anniversary are two days apart too! Happy birthaversary!! Girl, you will love that wearing history pattern. I made the trousers as jeans yesterday and they are divine. I need to go buy a little more denim for the overalls. Excellent swag, indeed! :)

  6. Ooh overalls! I finally finished mine. Happy birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday and Anniversary! I too have a May b day but no anniversary for me. I LOVE that Butterick blouse pattern. I had been watching that exact pattern a few months ago on ebay but never pulled the trigger as it was a really small size. I hope your scanner behaves, I'd love to see some of those Spiegel pages. :]