Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Preparing for a Florida Winter

With the big move fast approaching, I can't help but thinking about adapting my current wardrobe to a drastically different climate. So instead of giving into my desire to sew all the wool things, I'm trying to prepare myself for a Florida winter which I'm hoping is sort of like an Ohio fall. (Or rather what an Ohio fall would be like without the roller coaster temperatures but with a beach.) So here's a look at some of my favorite fall outfits that I'm hoping to rock this winter.

My late 40s corduroy and wool dress.

My favorite sweater and atomic circle skirt.

This great 1940s chartreuse dress.

My sassy 50s velvet suit.

My "On the Town" dress.

Do you have some favorite fall pieces that you're planning on transitioning into your winter wardrobe as well?


  1. That velvet suit is absolutely glorious! So chic :)

  2. I looove your On the Town dress!! ...And everything else. :-)
    My new favorite fall piece is a vintage Mccalls jacket I just made. It is slightly off-white so it goes with everything!

  3. I do love that last one!! Green is my favorite color.

  4. Oh. Em. Gee... On the Town dress! I so badly want my own recreation of the On the Town dress. When I saw that film, there was nothing I wanted more than that dress. I'm so jealous right now...

  5. My word, I can't decide which is my favorite. Each one of these outfits is amazing and a great inspiration for those of us who have a difficult time trying to style fall/winter outfits. I find it especially difficult to style for our Alaskan winters, very different form Florida's. I hope your move goes smoothly and your enjoy all that Florida has to offer.

    She Knits in Pears

  6. I love the corduroy dress. Makes me think that I should make something out of babycord for winter.

  7. So exciting to move to Florida. Very lovely dresses:)

  8. you'll be able to wear your lovely winter things in late January and early feb. thru possibly March. it gets into the 30's and 40's about then. and this is in central Florida (Orlando area) if you go further south perhaps, and if you are in North Florida well that's southern Georgia and it's just different up there. you'll be working in cottons, and light fabrics down here. I don't think many fabric stores even stock much in the way of wool. and the colors are vibrant and vivid down here. not much call for browns and mud colors. :-)

    1. I will be in central Florida and I've been there in January and December before so I know it can get cold! I'm looking forward to colors and a much longer summer though!

  9. I love the on the town dress so much and I think your outfits are perfect for the florida winter :) As for my transition, I tend to try and wear almost all of my wardrobe (summer, fall, spring) into the winter months. I just pair them with tights, cardigans, warm jackets etc. Now not all of my summer outfits are conducive for the transition but I would say about 90%. Living in Canada I only have a short time to wear summer and fall clothes so I try to utilize them in later seasons as much as possible.

    Liz :)

  10. Suits, tights, both of my quilted 1950s skirts, all of my Freddies denim, and knits scarves are some of the key pieces that jump out as ones which are in rotation for me as heavily in fall as in winter.

    Wishing you all the best with this exciting move!
    ♥ Jessica

  11. Like you, I'm trying to prep for a season that is a far cry from the one I used to live in, and it is super hard! I wish you all the best in the process!