Friday, December 12, 2014

Comfy Casual

I love pretty pretty dresses, but sometimes I like comfy casual just like everybody else. Vintage casual can be a bit tricky since a lot of more casual clothing didn't survive the way pretty dresses did, but sewing up pretty separates has helped my fill this gap up in my wardrobe.

Tada! This is the post-party Sunday morning look. Jeans plus rayon blouse and cardigan with a dash of pearls make for a great outfit.

The blouse is made from my TNT 1940s blouse pattern Dubarry 5909. The tropical print matched my Florida brain but it needed a cardigan to make it Ohio appropriate.

The jeans I made from Wearing History's 1940s Homefront Overalls pattern. They are super comfy and I adore the pockets. Plus I adore that they fit! No gaping waistline in the back when I sit.!

My jewelry philosophy is pretty simple. Pearls go with everything. Even more casual outfits look great with a simple string of pearls (or fake pearls in this case).

In the winter, I like to wear more pants because I get cold so easily. My secret is wearing leggings with everything-including under pants. Those extra layers really add up when you get as chilly as I do. And cozy socks!

 Simple makeup also looks great with a more casual outfit. Plus the natural look always fools people into thinking that your skin is naturally that good! The flawless skin is a mirage!

What do you like to wear when you are in need of a casual day?


  1. I sewed up the jeans from Gertie Sews Vintage Casual, and like you am in lurv with my me made jeans. Gertie's book also has one of the clearest explanations for altering pants to fit your figure that I have seen. Now I've bought some cozy plaid to sew up in her fitted pants version of the same pattern!

  2. This is a huge issues for me. I have a lot of skirts, dresses and tops but they're all for going out. I really need to make some separates for around the house.

  3. I've been LIVING in a pair of wool slacks that I picked up at Goodwill a few weeks ago. I can wear leggings under them, leg warmers, etc. Add in a beige sweater that I'm equally living in, and that has been describing my casual lately. It's a bit of a problem honestly! I need to get back into reminding myself that it's fun to dress for me.

  4. I'm actually wearing a really similar outfit to yours right now! Jeans, flats, and a sweater are my casual go-to!

  5. You look beautiful! I love casual look!!! xox

  6. I am so with you! I love a good casual look, but you are quite right that many pieces did not survive! Great job on the jeans!


  7. It's jeans or denim overalls (or capri pants in the warmest months) for me as well. My Heyday swing trousers would be next in line, followed by my most causal dresses and skirts. Add black or coloured tights and fun, vintage-y looking knit scarves for winter.

    Your pants are awesome! As someone who has always struggled to find pants, especially jeans, that fit, I can just imagine how heavenly it must be to create your own perfect fitting pair. These really do fit your like a dream and look cute as a vintage button in the process.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Casual wear like this is the best way to go when it's cold, in my opinion. And your jeans look fantastic!!