Friday, March 27, 2015

Fit for a Princess

I shared my excitement about the new Disney Cinderella last week so when I finally got to see it, I just had to dress up! Thanks to an epic Pin Up Girl clothing sale last spring, I had the perfect skirt in my wardrobe already!

So, this skirt is Sleeping Beauty inspired but whatever, it's princess-y and I like it!

I adore navy so I had this great sweater to go with it. I suppose white or black or pink would also go as well but I don't like to be too sweet looking.

Anyways, the movie was quite epic. It told its own story will still remaining true to many of the things we love about the original animated version. No singing though. :(  (I have heard the live action Beauty and the Beast will have singing though!)

The film also had quite a few fabulous actresses including Lily James and Sophie McShera (Rose and Daisy, Downton Abbey), Holliday Grainger (Lucrezia, The Borgias), Helena Bonham Carter (Belatrix, Harry Potter) and Cate Blanchett (Galadriel, Lord of the Rings) to name a few.

I've not loved all of the live action Disney remakes but this one is good in my book! The costuming is also fabulous. It's sort of a mix of vintage, historical and fantasy elements. The evil step mother's costumes, hair and makeup, for example, scream 40s/50s glamor! Oh, so drool worthy!

I did manage to restrain myself enough to leave my tiara at home though!


  1. I like how you've coordinated this outfit! Very nice. :)

  2. You look great. The skirt is beautiful.

  3. Very lovely skirt and love the setting near a lamp post:) I bet you are so glad you are wearing sandals instead of mud boots and sweaters.

  4. Such a beautiful outfit, I love the subtle nod to cinderella with the skirt. It's just so gorgeous!

  5. I wore my PUG castle skirt when going to go see Cinderella too! Mine is the blue one! Your outfit is quite darling, and your necklace is a nice touch.

    Like you, I haven't been the biggest fan of the Disney live action remakes as of late, but I did quite enjoy this one.


  6. My stars, that is whimsically gorgeous skirt! I love PUG's novelty prints to no end.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Perfect outfit for the movie! I have been wanting this skirt for, forever!!