Friday, July 16, 2010

Pompadour Twirl

I tried out a hair style from Vintage Hairstyling today! It's the Pompadour Twirl!

My hair is quite a bit shorter than the model's and I have bangs but all things considered, it was a great first time! I pin curled my bangs away from my face so they could be merged into the front of this style. I also used a curling iron instead of hot rollers as I didn't have time for hot rollers (my hair takes about an hour in the rollers!) and my hair never cooperates with them. I just curled the front of my hair the same way the book diagrammed the hot rollers and then pinned the curls in place for about 30 mins as I got ready for work.

I was planning on doing a page boy for the back with my curling iron, but I ran out of time! So, the back is anachronistically straight. I made a small side twisty poof to recreate volume on my right side where my hair was too short to follow the directions.

Overall, I did make a lot of changes to adapt the style to my hair, but it worked.

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