Monday, July 5, 2010

A skirt's first night out

Saturday night, the hubby and I went to a wine party with a great view of riverside fireworks! Besides getting to go to a fun event, I received a gorgeous skirt from Bad Girl Vintage in the mail Saturday afternoon! Woot! So, I completely changed my intended outfit so I could wear this skirt!

A 1950's circle skirt that I bought on Etsy. It came with the tag on it! So this was the skirt's first night out.

Skirt: vintage
Top: Forever 21
Shoes: Liz Clayborn from Macy's
Bling: Claire's; won on a cruise ship
Purse: Mary Kay

I love the understated, floral pattern of the skirt.

I felt like a movie star!

These are my Dorothy shoes!

A wine party means wine!

There was a fountain show before the fireworks. (No fire works pics though. They are very difficult to photograph.)

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