Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Making a blouse can be 'Smooth Sailing'

I finished the Wearing History Smooth Sailing blouse yesterday! Woot! And I wore it today for the first day of school. I thought the whole apple bit was appropriate. Plus it was gray and dreary and I needed something to perk myself up.


Here it is. I did have to wear a cami underneath as my fabric was a bit see-through and the shirt's meant to be worn with high waisted pants, not modern hip-huggers.


I did have a couple issues post-button drama. I had to take the shoulders in because the sleeve started an inch or so down my arm. It looked really wonky, especially since the sleeve was poofy. The arm band was also tight on my arm, so I had to let it out a bit. But, other than that, it was quite a stress-free process.

Buttons and pockets and tucks, oh my!

I love the pockets! Just darling!


I decided to not use any more rick rack. I think it would have been a bit much. Next, I'm going to tackle the pants! (Which I am planning on doing a couple muslins for!)


  1. WOW! Looks fabulous!! Congrats!

  2. Luv it!Super cute!I adore apple prints .The contrasting collar & cuffs & the rick rack are just darling.Great job!

  3. This is wonderful. I'm so crazy about this shirt!! I'd love to own one myself. How amazing it is. Be very proud of yourself!!!!!!

  4. super cute shirt and the ric-rack pocket is adorable!