Monday, April 9, 2012

Edwardian Millinery Adventures

I couldn't pass up the opportunity for some lovely millinery adventures when I made Mary's Garden Party dress.

Mary wears two hats with this dress. One at the flower show and this one at the garden party. It has an asymmetrical brim, some decorative ribbon and felt flowers.

I picked up this hat for $15 at Charming Charlie. I really liked the asymmetric brim and it was perfect for retrimming.

The original decorations were lightly hot glued on and came off easily.

Next, I hot glued on my own ribbon.

Then I made my own felt flowers using Gertie's tutorial. I made one from 2" wide, one from 1 1/2" wide, two from 1" wide, and four from 1/2" wide (two from shorter length and two from longer).

There wasn't any particular pattern to my arrangement. I just kept moving them around till I liked them.

The roses were super easy to make. I'm usually terrible at this kind of thing but I was really happy with them.


  1. It looks awesome.
    This weekend, my husband and I spotted an old hat in an antiques store- we both enjoyed the flair in decorating it :) You managed to capture the same style.

  2. This is so darling! good job i really love this hat

  3. I've been picking up wool hats similar to this shape at a thrift shop and antique shop just so I could try something in this style like Mary's hat. One is teal, the other is black. Too bad my dress is lavender. :O

  4. Beautiful! It's amazing how you can easily take a cheap, fast-fashion store hat and make it into something truly unique. This is making me want to work on a 40s hat idea I've had bopping around my head for awhile... ;)