Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lady Mary's Garden Party Dress

Happy Easter! Today I premiered my version of Lady Mary's garden party dress!


I used Vogue 8648 as a starting point and then drafted away. I really wanted to capture all of the different directions of the stripes so I changed a lot! Here's what I did:

  • Raised the neckline of the front
  • Drafted the waist band on to the skirt
  • Lengthened the skirt
  • Changed the shape of the skirt from pencil to more aline
  • Drafted the back bodice from 4 pieces to 2
  • Moved the zipper from the center back to the side
  • Made the sleeves less poofy
  • Raised the back neckline
  • FBA
  • Added some extra space by the hips
  • Adjusted the cutting layout so that my stripes lined up with Mary's dress
    • back-all cut on the bias
    • center front bodice-horizontal
    • sleeves-horizontal
    • rest of front- vertical
Flower Show

The only pieces that I ended up cutting straight from the original were the bodice side front and the sleeves. But I really wanted mine just like Mary's so I put in the extra effort.


I also bought a cloche type hat and retrimmed it to be like hers! It will be getting it's own post later this week.


I was able to use a piece of my great-grandma's lace, which was really cool!  It's not in perfect condition but it was perfect for this dress.


A better shot of the hat.


It was very pretty out today and just lovely weather for this dress.


Hey look! Matching chevrons! :)

The dress came out a bit big in the waist has more ease at the waist to give a more period shape and is therefore very comfortable and good for days when I pig out get served lunch at 12 pm and then again at 2 pm. I just wish my Astorias were here! And I need a pair of crochet gloves. It would have been perfect then.


  1. Ooo!! Love! I'm getting ready for my Easter post. But it is most certainly will be outdone by this lovely little number. Bravo!!

  2. FABULOUS! I just love the stripes on this and great job matching them. That's so neat that you got to use some heirloom lace!!

  3. Beautiful! I love how you matched the stripes on the back! I have my stripe fabric and the pattern, I just need to go about making the adjustments to it and actually making a muslin for once. Yours looks lovely though!

  4. Oh it really looks lovely!
    I was admiring it and thinking you needed my gloves ;)
    Well done!

  5. This is gorgeous! So perfect! BUT I need more pics! and a zoom option heehee!

  6. Great dress, I love your version of it! :)

  7. nice recreation--enjoy the spring! those chevrons came out absolutely perfectly and I could not be more impressed!

  8. i KNEW that dress would make an amazing version--so glad to see someone's vision of it, with that beautiful stripe matching and newly-trimmed hat. what a beautiful easter dress!


  9. Wow wow wow wow wow! That is all.

  10. That is so beautiful! What a great recreation of her dress! I have a stripe fabric and still need to find a suitable pattern, but I am so excited after seeing your version. I also vote for more pictures!

  11. Oh my golly!!! I am so smitten with your dress! It is the perfect modern-Edwardian dress. So pretty. Give yourself a big pat on the back, Stephanie!!!!

  12. Love it!! You did a great job!