Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Yellow

There are some colors that just go so well with summer and I think yellow is one of those colors!

Not to mention that bright cheerful colors help me be more perky in the morning. (I am so not a morning person.....)

And you know, I just bought a cute pair of yellow gloves! Normally, I'm much more of a matchy matchy person when it comes to shades of colors, but I'm trying to get over it.

Alas, we've gotten to the part of the summer where my hair deflates a lot if I'm outside at all. Oh, how it makes me long for the days when it was long enough to just throw up in a snood.

Let's hope you're all too distracted by my bright yellow dress to notice.

What colors do you love wearing in the summer?


  1. Mint is such a summer color for me! I'm having the opposite problem with my hair though. As soon as I step outside it inflates and frizzes!

    1. Structured styles are so the way to go in the summer! Alas, my poor hair is much too short right now.

  2. I always seem to have a thing for blues and light greens in summer. I went fabrics shopping recently and came back with several fabrics in those colour groups. I just made up a summer dress in a beautiful shade that's somewhere between an emerald and jade green. Shame it's pouring with rain at the minute!

  3. Yellow is one of my favourite summer colours! As is peach and mint!! I'm a sucker for all the gelato colours. The only thing is, I try to be more practical these days when buying vintage and try not go buy dresses I can only wear in one season. We don't get very good summers in the UK these days and as much as its my favourite season, I don't like buying lots of summer dresses that I hardly get to wear!

  4. Have I told you lately how adorable you are?! I dream of wearing yellow, but my olive skin screams death when I even get close to it.I love this dress, and the vibrant color.

  5. I just love the print on your dress. What I really like about it are the bursts of red mixing in with the yellow. Oh, don't forget those sweet bows! I just love bow patterns on dresses. Did you make this dress? It's very lovely. I'd certainly agree a perfect summer dress.

  6. What a fantastic color and print for a summery dress! For me, I think red and white combos would have to be a favorite for summer.

  7. I love this dress so much! Everything about it is perfect!

  8. Corals, greens, yellows, pinks, etc... I love bight colors all year. :) Really love how your hair is styled.

  9. I would definitely never notice as my own hair can go from A+ to F quite quickly in the heat and humidity! lol

    Love this dress on you, so cute and summery. What a great print, too! I'm always a fan of yellow, it's cheerful in winter and perfectly in tune with summer, too. As for me, right now I'm having a love affair with grass green. :)

  10. I couldn't agree more! Much as I'm smitten with green this year, as we launch into summer these days, I'm feeling yellow in a really big way of all of a sudden.

    You look fantastic, dear gal - love this whole cheerful, summery ensemble and how you styled your hair here.

    Have an awesome weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

  11. Love the color and the print. Brilliant summer dress.