Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fall and Winter Sewing Plans

I know it's the middle of summer, but fall will be on us before we know it! My husband and I have a busy fall wedding season and then we'll be moving so I'm hoping to get a head start on my chilly weather sewing! Here are some things I'm hoping to sew!

Blouses! On an unrelated note- check out the tiny watch hanging off the blue skirt on Advance 8511

 I love a slimmer skirt for fall and winter to keep your legs warm!

I could not resist this adorable 50s pull over pattern! I need one in plaid flannel!

Another great winter pattern! I've got some teal corduroy for this!

I'll be pulling out the Wearing History WWII Home Front Overall pattern to whip up some jeans! :D

I've got some great brown plaid suiting with tiny orange stripes and I want to make a matching dress and jacket!

What things are you dreaming of for fall?


  1. It'll be no time at all before joann's starts pushing the Christmas stuff! I'm already behind on my summer sewing... whoops!

  2. I love everything about that pullover. And those jackets, SO cute!

  3. Warm dresses and cozy cardigans!

  4. That tiny watch detail is fabulous! I want a watch like that now, too so much! Having a pesky (bad!) nickel allergy (the bulk of all watches sold in North America have nickel in them) I don't wear a watch, but this would be the perfect workaround for that problem, as the fabric would keep it from coming in contact with my skin. Off to stalk etsy and eBay at once! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Oh, I so want that 50s pullover blouse in light pink! Reminds me so much of The Girl in the Seven Year Itch. And you did a spectacular job on those overalls, I can't wait to see the jeans.

  6. Great Patterns! Do you have to change them much to fit?

  7. These are all fabulous patterns! I'm working on basics this summer, but my sewing machine decided to not work this week. It always seems to happen this way, doesn't it? Hopefully it'll be working again soon! Good luck on all these patterns. They're wonderful, and you're gonna look so cute!