Tuesday, July 23, 2013

HSF #15: White

This is my last Historical Sew Fortnightly project before Costume College! The challenge is White. "White has carried many connotations as a colour, from defining culture and social boundaries, to denoting status, to implying purity, or simply cleanliness.  For this challenge ‘white’ is defined as anything in the white family – from brightest white, through to ivory and cream and all the shades between. Whether you make a simple chemise or an elaborate ballgown, your item should be predominantly white, though it may have touches of other colours."

Tada! This is my 1914-1915 day dress. If you missed the inspiration post, check it out here.

Stephanie_Woodlawn Pond-0057

The Challenge: White
Fabric: 4 yds embroidered cotton ($7/yd), 2 yds white broadcloth ($3.50/yd), 2.5 yds yellow broadcloth ($3.50/yd)

Stephanie_Woodlawn Pond-0054

Pattern: Past Patterns #8480
Year: 1914-1915

Stephanie_Woodlawn Pond-0040-2

Notions: snaps and hooks and eyes ($3)
How historically accurate is it? Pretty, I think. I used a period pattern and it's all cotton! I used loads of french seams but did end up zig zaging some of them. Not sure if the construction is 100% period but the directions weren't exactly much to go on.

Stephanie_Woodlawn Pond-0028

Hours to complete: Started in January but didn't get finished till July! Lots of time spent figuring out how to put the pieces together.
First worn: July '13
Total cost: ~$40

Stephanie_Woodlawn Pond-0038

I got a hair piece and this was my first time playing around with it. I'm a bit urked as I ordered the dark brown color but it's chock full of coppery highlights! Thus most of it is not actually brown at all... Oh, well. I used American Duchess' 1912 hair tutorial

Stephanie_Woodlawn Pond-0044

 Love this dress and can't wait to wear it to Costume College! :D And if you'd like to see more photos, there's a ton more over on my Flickr.

(Update: Also check out my construction details post)


  1. beautiful! I don't think your hair piece is super noticeable. I find that the black always blends better with dark brown hair vs. most companies dark brown.

  2. It looks amazing! I love it! It looks so dreamy, and it looks like such a lovely day for walking by the river in such a lovely dress!

  3. You look wonderful, what a lovely dress!

  4. That is very nice for a Edwardian look (at least I think it is Edwardian). It looks like it is comfortable and well made! Good job! I think it is very pretty on you although I don't usually care for this particular look. I love the fabrics you chose, they go so well together; they create a very nice crisp, but soft look.



  5. LOVE the hairstyle and dress so much!!!!!!

  6. Sweepingly gorgeous dress and photographs - there is such a timeless, romantic beauty and appeal to both. Amazing work on this dress, honey, it truly is an Edwardian masterpiece.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I love the border print! It works perfectly! Very beautiful dress. :)

  8. It's lovely. May I ask where you got that gorgeous fabric?

  9. It's beautiful! I'm so glad you've really embraced this decade that wasn't much sewn from before Downton. You make it look effortlessly fun and pretty.

  10. Ack! I missed seeing you in this! Its adorable! Too fluffy for me to wear but perfect on you.