Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bird Day

Guess what? I was gone on vacation all last week! Yay for the magic of scheduling postings! Anyways, we went camping the Pigeon Forge. Alas it rained every single day. Boo.

On the one sunny morning we had, the hubby and I visited Parrot Mountain. Birds galore!

I just adore birds! There were birds everywhere.

I wore the Mexican peasant blouse that I got in Epcot last summer. I sewed furiously before vacation to get my patio dress skirt done. I also plan on making a matching blouse but that didn't happen.

I had such a blast looking at all of the birds!

Birds doing cute things!!!!

There was a huge area in the center of Parrot Mountain where you could hold and feed the birds.

Some of the birds could talk and every once in a while there'd be a "Hello" or "Goodbye" from one of the birds.

The weather did not agree with my hair so it was mostly straight after just a few hours. And one night my wet set didn't even dry! Ack!

Another fun part of the bird sanctuary was that they had baby birds for sale and you could hold them! Ahhhh! Baby bird!

And they had the two types of birds that we really want to get, the African grey (above) and sun conures! Alas, no new babies for us right now.

Back to the skirt-Some friends of mine recently moved and weren't two excited with the yellow curtains that the old owners left in their new house so I adopted them! I've been wanting a vintage patio dress for forever and this bright yellow was just the perfect color for it! I also used a bunch of vintage trim I found at Sew Dayton including the tiny gold ric rac! Score! These skirts use HEAPS of trim so I did have to add a few packs of red ric rac from Jo-Ann's to the mix but I love shopping local!

And I felt just as beautiful as the birds in it!


  1. ah! such lovely photos - with a nice outfit as well! I hope I can visit Parrot Mountain as well one day - looks beautiful!

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  3. I thought I was seeing things when I saw "pigeon Forge. You were right in my back yard! I drive by parrot mnt all the time, though, I've never been. My family supply "Ole Smoky" So we're back and forth to Garlinburg all the time. :)

  4. Our neighbor have an umbrella cockatoo named Booki. She's such a sweetheart. I've never been a bird person, but as I played with her using a straw {she loves them} it was so much fun. I don't think I'll ever want a bird, but they are something to watch.

  5. Your skirt is so pretty! I am consistently astounded by all the lovely clothing you make for yourself!

  6. How awesome that you recycled the fabric in your skirt. Even more amazing that the fabric looks so lovely too. Love the outfit:))

  7. I love your outfit! I've got some yellow cotton broadcloth waiting to make a skirt for myself and my little girl, and I was going to make circle skirts, but I may be copying your design now. I hope you don't mind us copying you. And we live about an hour and a half from Pigeon Forge. The humidity here has been especially awful this summer, but I've been using a little higher ratio of lotta body, and it is a little better. Summer here means lots of updos ;) thanks for sharing !

  8. Your blog and videos have so many wonderful fun and vintage-y things to offer :)

  9. Beautiful birds, beautiful you. That outfit is a dream.

  10. It's a lovely skirt! Such a beautiful, sunny yellow and all the better that you could recycle the fabric. :) The birds crack me up.

  11. You look wonderful (as always) and so summery and cheery :-) Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

  12. How fun!
    Your patio skirt is too cute! Excellent job.