Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sunshine and Books

Being a photographer's wife has it's perks. And one of them is getting to go to great photography conferences!

This weekend, we're at a conference put on by Professional Photographers of Ohio. We went to this conference last year and it was amazing!

Aside from getting to hear some great speakers, I love getting to run around in cute outfits around photographers.

During some downtime yesterday, we did a mini shoot in the lounge in the hotel. We really lucked out as the hotel the conference is held out this year is gorgeous! Last year, it was a nice hotel but it looked very hotel-ish.

 I wore my yellow patio dress with red accessories for a bright pop of color. The entire hotel and conference center was done in blue and beige so I really popped!

There were also really large windows in this room. Lighting will make or break a photo so shooting by a window is a great way to help improve your indoor photos.

Aside from the window, there was an on camera flash and an off camera flash with a diffuser. A nice flash will also really help your photography. The tiny pop up flashes that come with the camera are not good.

Photos for a blog post work really well when you can tell a story. There were some old books lying around for effect so I picked one up to "read".

It's more interesting than just hey look at my outfit.

Although you do need some hey look at my outfit shots for a fashion blog!

There are more cute outfits to come. Get sneak peaks of the cuteness to come over on instagram!

Photographs curtsey of Will Thorpe


  1. I love using books as props. Especially antique books, which I have a few of. :)

  2. Love this dress! That bright butter yellow looks marvelous on you! Especially with your hair color!


  3. Such lovely pictures, I especially like the one with you sat in the chair reading; the peek of petticoat is wonderful.

  4. What a beautiful dress! I love the colour. Thanks also for the photography tips. I'll try to keep them in mind when taking photos for my blog.

  5. wonderful pictures and a perfect dress! i can't get over how perfect your dress is and it looks great against the blue colors.
    Thanks for sharing photography tips with us :)


  6. Gorgeous colour dress and what a lovely looking venue. The photos are great too.

  7. Really lovely photos! You're as pretty as a springtime daffodil in that marvelous yellow patio dress.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Wow, you look stunning in that pretty yellow dress! And what a cool setting for photos. Books are always the best accessories! ;)