Saturday, March 1, 2014

Test Shot

One of my jobs at photoshoots is to be a stand in so my hubby can check the light.

This was on a surprisingly warm day so I went for a summery nautical feel.

One thing I like to do when being the test shot model is make funny faces.

Although sometimes I just do normal type poses. I had my hair in pin curls and a scarf for a later event.

Are you ready for spring yet? Or are you still enjoying winter?


  1. SO ready for spring. Now if it only would come, wahhhh! We're supposed to have yet another snowstorm this weekend.
    By the way, I was watching Hitchcock presents last night and there was a really fun sketch called "Mr. Blanchard's Secret" from season 2 (if you have netflix) with a young housewife's really great outfits and a pixie cut that reminded me of you!

    1. I know! I've heard everything from 2 to 12 inches of snow predicted for where I live for the next 36 hours. :'(

  2. I was ready for spring before winter even started, hahaha! I'm just about done with all these apocalyptic snow storms and sub zero days; it's just depressing!

    Also, I love your jacket, the collar especially! So cute!


  3. Wonderfully cute look! I love how you partnered a classic jean jacket with a lipstick red pencil skirt. Very stylish!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. So lucky your husband is a photographer and enjoys using you as his muse:) I love the light to dark contrasts in this series.

  5. Love the hair look. Cute way to hide curls. :) I am so looking forward to spring. I just got some springy/summery blouses yesterday and can't wait to wear them {and my skirts and capris}.