Saturday, July 12, 2014

HSF#13: Under $10

This Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge was to make something that cost less than $10. So I tried to think up something small and stash busting for my Renaissance costume that I could whip up for less than $10.

The Challenge: Under $10
Fabric: 0.5 yds cotton lawn ($5/yd)
Pattern: self-drafted
Year: it could work for quite a few eras but I'll be wearing it for 16th century
Notions: thread ($0.50)
How historically accurate is it? It should really be linen. But I did hand sew the whole thing. It's the first thing I've ever entirely hand sewed so that's an accomplishment.
Hours to complete: quite a few (4-5)
First worn: not yet
Total cost: $3

In other costuming news, I've been working on trimming my court dress. Right now I'm adding green velvet trim. I'm still pondering other ideas for trim but progress is being made. 

I've also been working on my Italian dress. I made a dent in the eyelets but there are more to go!!

But my eyelets are looking nicer so I must be getting better at them.

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