Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Konmari Journey Part #11: Kitchen - Food

Yes! We have made it to decluttering the kitchen! I've decided to break this subcategory down a bit more to make it a bit more manageable. I'll do food, baking/cooking supplies, and dishes & tupperwear.

For the food category, I'm focusing on getting rid of expired things again. Also, my husband was diagnosed with a medical condition triggered by gluten which means he's gluten free for life. I haven't done a de-gluten purge of the pantry so I'm sure I'll find some things which can be donated that he can't eat. Alright, here goes nothing!


  1. It's fascinating to think sometimes about just how much food we often have to hand compared to our ancestors. In some respects, they may have had more at times in terms of sheer volume of certain products (such as a whole winter's worth of root vegetables and canning put up in advance of the snowy months), but the staggering variety and abundance that we have is almost dizzying and I think it serves us all well to take a look at our pantries from time-to-time and part with those foods we may no longer need/want/be able to safely eat. It's great that in this thorough decluttering approach, even food is tackled.

    ♥ Jessica