Monday, February 8, 2016

Straight as an Arrow

I was super excited when I found out that Wearing History was coming out with a new blouse. I just adore the two that I already have. And this one has the cutest arrow print!

This Smooth Sailing blouse is quite similar to the Smooth Sailing pattern (which I have sewn up a few times for myself) but has been adjusted for a more modern body shape. It's got puffy sleeves and is much blouse-ier than the Ruthie blouse. So 1940s!

It's quite comfortable to wear and has great range of motion. I love that Lauren has really put forth and effort to make her blouses very motion friendly. It's perfect for dancers and for everyday life for that matter.

I also love the quality of this blouse! It's got darling red vintage buttons and an adorable bias pocket. :D

I paired my Smooth Sailing blouse with a grey corduroy skirt for a cute winter appropriate look. It was actually quite chilly and I was wearing a thick wool sweater when I had to be outside. But I braved the chill for photos!

My hair is at an awkward length right now. I did have an adorable navy headband that had little gold dots just like the blouse! So perfect!

Another thing I just love about this blouse is the large number of colors in the print. I've paired this blouse with a red skirt which also looks adorable but you could do yellow, green, mint or blue and it would look just as smashing. This print is quite bold but being able to mix and match with so many colors means you can get a lot of milage out of it.

 Just a note on sizing: The sizing on this blouse is a bit different than any of the other Wearing History blouses. It includes plus sizes and some of the regular sizes were adjusted when the plus sizes were added. Be sure to check the size chart for this blouse before ordering. It's also quite a bit more blousey than the Ruthie blouse. And the fabric is not preshrunk and the sizing has been designed with this in mind. Lauren has included a lot of info to help you pick the right size.

For me personally, I have a large in the Ruthie and a medium in the Norma Jean and Smooth Sailing. So even if you already have a Wearing History blouse, double check the size chart to make sure you get the right size.

I'm super excited for my new blouse! It's so adorable and comfy! That's my personal secret to great vintage style-picking pieces that look polished but are just as comfortable as jeans and a t-shirt.

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