Saturday, February 13, 2016

Whatever is...

Part of my type A-ness is that I like things to match-particularly colors! So I love it when companies come out with color coordinated products. It makes me happy!

I also love having faith based products to use in my bible journaling. Somethings don't really matter like I don't care if my colored pencils have "I love Jesus" stamped on the side or "Crayola" but there are some things that are nice to have.

So I was super excited to get ahold of some of the Whatever is lovely scrapbook paper collection from Illustrated Faith and Bella Blvd. So pretty!!!

Not all of them are blatantly Christian but they do color coordinate and match really well with the products from the original Genesis collection of stickers and such from this same power duo.

There was a cute little piece that was just perfect for Philippians 4:8 so I used it as a tip in. A tip in is some sort of paper that is taped in (I used washi) to your bible. Most of the time they can flip open so you can see what is underneath.

It gives you a bit more journaling space (I snuck in verse 9 on the back) and still allows you to read the text underneath. This was my first one and I ended up really liking it. The cut out was just a bit too wide to fit in the margin but I really like where it ended up.

And I got to do a summary of verses 4-7 in the margin using a bit of acrylic, stickers, stamps and micron pens. A lot of times, I do like to copy the verse word for word in the margin but I had so much to squeeze in I decided to make a bit of a summary instead. Since I used a tip in, I can always go back to the original text at any time.

Do you like color coordinated products in your crafting or wardrobe? Or do you prefer mixing and matching your own color palettes?


  1. I'm intrigued by Bible journaling. I had never heard of it until I saw it on your blog. Thanks for sharing!