Monday, May 16, 2016

Day at the beach

The absolute best part about living in Florida is the beach. I just adore the ocean and sometimes we just go there to hang out and don't even get in.

My favorite outfit for just such an activity is my 1930s beach pjs made from this Wearing History pattern. They are seriously the most comfortable thing ever but they make you look so glamorous. 

I made these pjs out of some yummy 100% linen so they are dreamy to wear and quite practical for the summer sun. (And it's Florida so our summers usually last from May through September.)

I also like that it covers me up which means less places to slather on sunscreen and less places to get burnt! I probably should have brought a hat though because the sun was fierce!

I always get lots of comments when I wear these. Beach wear fashions have definitely gone downhill since the 30s. I guess people aren't used to seeing glamor on the beach any more!

On this particular occasion, I was attending a beach baptism which was really cool but definitely wasn't going to include me getting dunked. (Fun fact: I was baptized in a hot tub.)

I did end up doing a bit of wading right before we left. Even just this bit of water helps cool you down a lot and I can imagine many beach going ladies in the 30s doing the same thing.

Even though you can't see it well because of the wind, I also got a new hair cut! My hair wasn't quite grown out enough to do exactly what I wanted but my hairdresser worked some magic to give me this 20s inspired bob! Hopefully, I can get a more authentic 20s cut in a few months when all the layers grow out but until then, at least all the unmanageable bits are gone!

What's your favorite thing to wear to the beach?


  1. That's a lovely outfit for the beach - and not getting burned is definitely a good thing.

  2. Stunning beach outfit and set of photos! I love, and am grateful for, the many lakes and rivers around these parts, but sometimes there's just no comparing with the ocean itself. Swoon!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. That is so cool being baptized in a hot tub.
    That is the coolest thing about being able to do made by me clothing. I sure wish I knew where I could buy myself a pair of the beach PJs, I'd be at the beach every chance I was free.

  4. I think this is the best beach fashion compared to how people wear things these days. I love this. Very nice!!! Looks lightweight and comfy!