Monday, May 2, 2016

Time Traveling Fashion Blogger

One of the cool things about being a vintage fashion blogger is that I get to time travel trough the decades looking for fashion inspiration where ever I go! So let's go time travel!


The 1920s is a decade that many vintage loving ladies shy away from but I love this cute lady golfer look!


I just adore my 1930s beach pajamas! They really are quite fabulous for a day sea side!


Nothing says classy quite like the 1940s lady in a matching suit set!


Rock a casual 50s look for a summer bbq (or whenever you wish you were actually at one!)


  1. Very fun post! It's awesome that we get to dip our toes into, or fully submerge ourselves, as the case may be, in various decades. For years now I've wanted to do a series of posts over the course of a given year in which I create a telltale look from each decade of the last century. I don't have any Edwardian pieces, but if I can track some (or some that look the part down), perhaps I'll finally be able to do so in 2017 or '18. Time will tell! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I like bits and pieces from all of the decades. My house can tell the story. The red oant suit is gorgeous!