Friday, April 29, 2016

Bible Journaling Workshop

This past Saturday, I hosted my very first Bible Journaling Workshop with Watermark Christian Store. It was a wonderful morning in the word with 120 ladies (and a few guys too!).

I was so floored by how many people were interested in this event! We sold out over a week in advance and even had to make some last minute changes due to some items not being available in enough quantities for our workshop kits. It's so awesome that so many people were interested in growing deeper in the Word.

We held the event at my church in the cafeteria where the school kids eat lunch. I was very lucky to have help from our awesome production team so that we could stream from my phone's camera directly to several tvs around the room so everyone could see the demos easily.

It was so awesome to get to share my testimony with Bible Journaling! It has totally changed my walk with God and I pray that it touches the hearts of all the ladies who attended in the same way!

We also had a guest demonstrator, Kayla (@kaylas_painted_faith on Instagram) who showed us all how she does her amazing watercolor pages! It was so awesome!

There were a lot of newbie Bible Journalers so I tried to keep it simple with what we talked about. There are so many cool and interesting techniques and styles out there that it is easy to get overwhelmed! My demo was stamping and talking about different kinds of inks you can use for Bible Journaling.

There were also a couple of veteran Bible Journalers in attendance and it was so cool to meet other local ladies who love Bible Journaling!

 This was definitely the largest group I've ever had to speak in front of and it was a bit nerve wracking! But the event was great and aside from the headset mic not working, everything went pretty smoothly.

 For the second half of the workshop, it was time to get journaling! I wanted to include some basic, but impact full techniques so we did acrylic painting with cards, stickers and washi tape!

I did a sample page design that they could follow along with but I was so excited to see that a lot of ladies decided to unlock their own creativity and add their own artistic flare.

We wrapped up the day with a Q&A session where we talked about techniques, favorite supplies and how to get inspired.

 It's been so awesome to see pages from these ladies already popping up on social media! When God opens a door, He opens it wide and pours out His love!

What's up next for Bible Journaling and me? I learned a lot on the video side of things and I'm going to work on getting something set up so I can do some Bible Journaling video tutorials. I'm also working with Women's Ministry at my church to get a Bible Journaling class going for the fall. And who knows, there could even be more workshops in the future!

Are you looking to host a Bible Journaling event at your own church? Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions. My email is on the contact page.


  1. How exciting and wonderful! I have been interested in Bible journaling and love your posts and videos, but I haven't taken the plunge yet. I did recently start allowing myself to write notes in my Bible LOL.

  2. How positively exciting Stephanie! I am so glad that you were able to reach out to so many with what the Lord has been inspiring you to do. What a blessing! May He continue to use you mightily for His glory.


  3. How awesomely exciting! Happiest congratulations on this wonderful experience.

    ♥ Jessica